Another friend's fabulous home...

I am on a roll!

When I stopped at a friend's home to pick her up 
for a little flea-tiquing outing, I remembered to bring my camera!

This is a friend who loves everything white, and frilly, and
romantic and chandelier-y......

It's always fun to visit her home because we have been
friends for so long that I remember where and when
many of the beautiful pieces in her home were purchased.

Chippy green dresser in the hallway....ah, Farm Chicks 2004, a particularly
rainy day but fun nonetheless!

The two photos above are the master bedroom....gorgeous!

This is a girl who is in constant 'tweaking' mode, a collector/purger....
the subway sign is 'new'.....

Above is a view of the sitting room off the kitchen.....

The vintage french wine jugs.....Farm Chicks 2011, I know that 'cause I
was there!

The bird cage is new since I last visited.....damn if it wouldn't fit inside
my bag......I love me a bird cage!

Yep, awesome vintage cart in the kitchen that is the perfect entertaining
bar - also Farm Chicks 2011!

This is her dining room - it's a beauty.  The cow painting is
from artist Leah Anderson......also wouldn't fit into my bag!

My friend had recently had these vintage chairs painted and reupholstered - a little
daring but SO darling!

Thanks Carrie for letting us peak into your home, it's beautiful, and
comfortable and reflects the love inside....

17 comments on "Another friend's fabulous home..."
  1. I love a good home tour! I love all of her distressed pieces and the white everywhere. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. LOVE her home!thanks so much for sharing! Hugs, Rachel

  3. I'm coveting that cart and of course that cow. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Seriously?? You and your friends have these AMAZING interiors!! I just can't get over them.. I ended up buying something I saw in your last friend's home.. lol

  5. What a fabulous home! Loved the tour you took us on.

  6. Wow, what a beauty! So many interesting and unique pieces too. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Love it! Very pretty!!! ;)Alyssa

  8. Wow! Carrie has made some big changes since I last visited! Looks great! Love that she switched the sitting room and the dining room! Looks great Carrie!

  9. Thank you for the tour of this awesome home. Please, please can you find out for me where she got the subway sign "hanger" the rolled one with the string attached?

    I'd be so happy to know...THANKS!

  10. Beautiful post, beautiful home! Looks great Carrie!

  11. Marina,

    The vintage subway sign is from Stars Antiques - it's fabulous! Look for signs at vintage sales!

  12. Hey Jill, love your pictures of Carrie's beautiful home. I was lucky enough to see it in person last summer and it's fun to see the changes she has made. Hope to see you soon!

  13. Jill, thank you for sharing Carrie's home! I love her style!


  14. Beautiful home! I especially LOVE that Subway roll!!! I'm a big typography fan and love the look of that one. Thanks for sharing. :)


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