Some DIY.....yes, you read that right!

Thought I would share a very simple DIY project I tackled recently.

Ever since we switched our front door lock-set to an oil-rubbed bronze finish, I was
bugged by the brushed nickel handles on the french doors in our entryway that lead
to my husband's office.  They 'clashed' with the new entry door handle!
Are you following my crazy?

Instead of replacing the handles, the product pictured above took my handles from this.....

to this!

I am curious to see how the spray paint handles wear, and of course, I would like to 
spray every brushed nickel finished handle in the entire house now.....

This pretty dusting of snow we had in the higher elevations around Portland today 
certainly inspires me to DIY.....could be dangerous!

Happy Sunday!

***P.S. - Just recently I reached 800 followers on this little ol' blog!  In addition,
this post is my 350th post!!!  Wow!  I am feeling a giveaway coming in order
to celebrate those occasions....'cause I appreciate you all hanging out here with me.
8 comments on "Some DIY.....yes, you read that right!"
  1. Great idea Jill. Looks good too.
    Congratulations on your follower count too. It won't be long to 1000. I can see why. You have a lovely blog.


  2. Congrats on the followers. Lovely photo.

  3. I discovered that same paint and after we changed all the hardware in the house we just moved from. We were able to touch up some additional vents on the fireplace. A perfect match. Love this stuff. I would love to gorw my blog, any suggestions for me....

  4. I use spray paint for almost everything. So far, it has worn pretty well. The Rustoleum paint seems to "stick" best. The knobs look great! Enjoying some snow here finally in Bozeman, MT today too! Eva of Ella Violet Antiques.

  5. congrats jill! that's awesome news! the hardware looks great, too!

    ashley over @

  6. Love the spray painted hardware! What an easy way to change the look of the door. I'm a bit jealous of your snow, it's been warm here in CA but we usually get a little snow throughout the winter but nothing yet.

  7. Jill, I honestly can't believe that is spray paint. It looks great!

  8. I sure do love that handle...gotta love that color!!


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