A magazine fix......bliss!

In recent years, it seems every visit to the magazine rack leads to disappointment.  

And don't even get me started on the issues that arrive in my mailbox with beautiful covers with content that can only be described as 'anorexic' {ie. current Country Living} inside.

I was giddy with excitement today as I devoured every page of the 
new February issue of House Beautiful!  There is so much
decorating goodness, inspiration, accessible design and inspiration!

I particularly loved the feature "Living Room Re-do in One Day".  The
layered, collected look is pure perfection!  I love this space!

Thank you House Beautiful for going the distance and hanging in there
for all of us - your publication has improved and become
accessible for the home decorators and your content has not slimmed!

Go buy your issue your today - we need to support these publications!
You won't be disappointed!
16 comments on "A magazine fix......bliss!"
  1. I received my issue of House Beautiful in the mail today also, and I too LOVED the living room makeover feature.

    I have recently subscribed to House & Home, a Canadian magazine that I've been buying off the rack and like very much. I can't wait to get my first issue in the mail.

  2. I have to agree with you about the total lack of personality the majority of magazines think we want to see...could be why the sales are so low. I'd rather see REAL homes that people share on blogs. It's nice to know there is one out there that gets it right. thanks for sharing, I will check it out!

  3. I am so with you about the poor magazines lately. We have lost a couple of good ones in the past few years and the ones that are left have been putting out the same houses from the past or that we see all over blogland. I will have to check out HouseBeautiful. Another good choice is trying the Canadian and English magazines.

  4. I will! Thanks for the info

  5. That is so good to know! It is getting so hard to find a good magazine with content!!!

  6. I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one not getting much out of magazines lately. I thought perhaps it was because of all the wonderful blogs I visit, magazines just aren't making the cut lately.

    I'll be sure to pick up this one, I'm so excited.

  7. i thought that about this month's country living too. i was like where's the pretty things?? it was pretty stark and cold. just like january i guess.

  8. Just dove into
    the January HB
    last night! I so
    enjoy HB because
    I learn so much
    with each issue
    and because it is
    more sophisticated
    than many other
    decor mags that I

    xx Suzanne

  9. Thanks so much for the recommendation. I can't wait to buy the issue! I have subscriptions to Country Living, BH&G and Southern Living and they've all been disappointing recently. I miss Country Home! Thanks so much! Eva

  10. I agree - House Beautiful is a wonderful magazine - more real & down to earth than some other publications out there. I've subscribed to it for years. I'm hoping more magazines become available soon on B & N, so I can download to my NookColor. I love the idea of reading a magazine without having paper to recycle! :)

  11. I agree, as it seems many here do.. I just gave up two magazine subscriptions due to my continuous disappointment. The ads have gotten to me as well.

  12. yay!

    Thanks for the sccop, We can all use the inspiration in January!

    deb ;)

  13. I too just got done saying the same thing. What happened to the big ol fat magazines dripping with inspiration and creative ideas?! Of late I have been receiving anorexic mags filled with advertisements....ugh.

    The newest House Beautiful is amazing! (that cover - WOW!)Makes me happy when I receive a mag that captures me and draws me back in to re-read it!
    I just wanna know when they can come re-make a room in my house in a day!!:)

  14. I look forward to giving it a flip. The new BHG was teeny this month too. So weird!

  15. Hi. I loved your old place and it's fun to watch what you do in the new place.

    If you liked the BH article, you should see Jeffrey Bilhuber's new book "The Way Home". It's just so, so good and is now my #1 decorating book. I have a million of em. But THIS book is a stand-out. Lived-in, funky, eclectic.......you'll love it.


  16. Hello, I found your blog thru Pinterest and just in time to follow your project. I love projects.

    I am glad to know I'm not alone in my Shelter Magazine misery! We have lost so many great ones in the last few years. I'm delighted with Lonny online, but I agree that House Beautiful is usually my favorite every month. I still like Traditional Home and I also buy the Canadian version of House & Home. You can tell their economy is still thriving. Architectural Digest and Veranda are so elite and so advertising dense that I find little to excite me when I see them in my box. I used to buy some of the British mags and Florida Design at my local Borders, but I guess you know how that sad tale ended.
    In a way Pinterest and blogs have soothed some of my pain, but when I make an afternoon cup of tea, I still miss the tactile enjoyment of flipping through a magazine. I have supplemented recently by purchasing several books by Designers: Rooms by Katie Ridder, Jeffrey Bilhuber Home (Nancy is right this is a keeper), and Bunny Williams' An Affair with a House.

    Welcome back to the West, where life's best!

    Kelly Grace


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