A {spicy} giveaway...

I was in Anthropologie last week and found these adorable 
spice jars, with colorful lids and chalkboard labels. And because
I love ya, I picked up three extra and thought I would
offer them as a giveaway.

My little blog hobby has been growing and I have you all to thank.
At times, I think this blog suffers from an identity crisis - is it a decorating blog? 
A flea market/vintage blog? A family blog? Believe me, I am trying
to focus the focus around here....changes are coming, a re-design and more
purposeful writing about design with a mix of vintage thrown in 
for good measure - Mostly, I am taking this blog in the direction
of my authentic self {I know, deep, huh?}.  I am grateful 
you come along on my journey.....at almost {gulp!} 45 years young
I am making room for some 'second half of life' plans.....'cause I intend to make
every stinkin' day count.

"It's never too late to become what you might have been"

So dear friends, in order to enter the giveaway, you must:

1.  Be a follower, cause I'd love to get to 1000! Blog
about the giveaway and I will enter you twice!

2.  Tell me where you are in life, have you realized big
dreams? Or like me, are you a work in progress?

Enter before midnight on Wednesday, February 1st!

40 comments on "A {spicy} giveaway..."
  1. I'm the first one I think! I've followed your blog since my own beginnings in blogland and have enjoyed your journey. My blog is about my real life, which includes my faith, my family, and my love of home, home decor, and cooking, throw in photography and writing into the mix and I guess I have a real modge podge, but that's my real life!
    I saw those jars in Anthro but could only window shop that day. Love them!

  2. I've been a follower for a long time but I don't think I've ever commented before. Bad me! My blog is just about my home and family and the craziness we get into.

    I saw those Anthro jars online and loved them. We are so far away from an Anthro store it isn't even funny!

  3. Yes, I'm a follower. I just went back to work in a field that I'd been out of for 19 years! It's going well, but I do miss my blogging time during the day. :)

    Great giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win.

  4. I'm a follower, love your blog, and close to your age (46) and I'm a work in progress (personally, creatively and blog-wise.) We have two boys 13 and almost 15 so we are somewhere in the middle of raising our kids and looking forward to downsizing.

  5. Those are such cute little jars. How nice of you to think of your followers. I follow you already. We are about the same age and I like to think I am a work in progress too. God constantly surprises me along the way.


  6. Follower! I would consider myself to be a big dreamer... always have, always will be. I will be finishing my degree (from OSU.. Go Beavers!), moving to a state I have barely visited, and getting married all in one year! That's what I believe life has got to be all about: adventure. Even though I am realizing what dreams actually make me happy, I love being a 'work in progress' as well :)

    Great giveaway!

  7. I am a follower!!!

    ♥ Ashley


  8. I think that I am a work in progress. My husband and I have realized our dream of growing a family...due to infertility our option is through adoption, though we are not losing hope on a biological baby!!

    ♥ Ashley


  9. I think we are all work in progresses and I am still one. But one of my dreams I realized was putting myself through college.

  10. I love your blog and look at it often...now i'm a follower! I love anything Anthropologie!! Love the spice jars!

  11. I'm a follower already! And definitely a work in progress at 47! I don't think life, or us, ever stops changing... after all these years I'm just starting to learn to enjoy the ride... hopefully not down (or over the) hill ;)


  12. I'm a work in progress, I've got 2 little ones so I don't have much time to figure out what I want to do. Hopefully one day I will be able to figure it out though :)

  13. Already a follower of your lovely blog and love anything from Anthro!

  14. I like the mix of ALL
    the things that you
    mentioned. I get a
    bit bored of straight
    decorating blogs; just
    keeping it real : )

    You know I follow!

    This whole bloggy caper
    has opened doors that I
    never knew were there.
    I am just following the
    Yellow Brick Road, at this

    xx Suzanne

  15. I am already a follower.
    Where I am in my life? A work in progress.
    At sixty years of age, I never say never.
    I retired from teaching at 49 and became an artist. Now I am trying something new, still unsure of what I want to be when I grow up! LOL
    Important to have fun and enjoy life~which I do!
    Just don't take yourself too seriously.

  16. I'm happily following along! You'll be at 1000 before you know it!

  17. And I am most definitely a work in progess. I was a long time stay at home mom, but now the kids are grown and I'm trying to figure out what comes next ... enjoying time with my husband, trying to stay fit, paint furniture, write a blog, update my house, the list goes on and on!

  18. I am a new follower I have been reading you blog for some time though. I am definitely a work in progress I think it keeps me from getting bored or too complacent. I love your blog and am happy it gives people like me inspiration. Thank You!

  19. I have a saying posted here in my Home "It's never to late to become the peson you have always wanted to be!"
    Im for sure a work in progress. An uncomplete project.. Im greatful because when I am...
    fear disappears and abundance appears. I like your blog just the way it is...

  20. Hi Jill-

    I am a follower and in a very dark place going through a divorce after thirteen years of marriage. Obviously I am a work in progress as loosing my marriage takes my most important dream away- However, there are other avenues I've always wanted to explore, so I'm hoping this will lead to an open door for a new dream realized.

  21. I follow as Renee G on gFC. I know that I am a work in progress, and I always will be.

  22. I am a work-in-progress, too...and hope I always will be! I like always changing and exploring new things! I am already a follower!

  23. What a great giveaway! Have been a follower for a while and I love these little pots - so cute! I'm definitely a work in progress, I'm getting married in September this year so will be dealing with a whole new facet of my identity then!! Can't wait though...and can't wait to start decorating and styling our new home when we get it :)

  24. I am a mom, teacher, decorator, painter, reader, writer, special needs advocate, wife, photographer and vintage junkie. Not always in that order. I am thinking of leaving my profession of teaching. I am 43 years old and ready to do something where I can be creative. That used to be as a teacher, not so much any more. I follow your blog : o )

  25. I am already a follower of your blog, and am still a work in progress! We have raised 5 children 2
    still at home), and I teach part time besides having a multitude of interests- sewing, traveling, decorating, etc. LOVE the Anthro jars; we are hours away from the nearest store.

  26. I have always been a follower, but it is "official" now. ;) I am a mess and definitely a work in progress! I think in another year I will be able to focus a bit more, when the little red head finally is off to kindergarten? Maybe not, I think that I may have ADD. Really been considering going back to work again, I miss working in the hospital. Would also like to tackle "wrapping up" the decorating of the "new" house. I LOVE the anthro jars and was just looking at something similar,but had to buy the jars at one store and order cute labels for them on line....cute, but what a hassle! With the chalk board label you just change as needed! Genius!

  27. I am most definitely a follower and I am also a work in progress!! I have been working on my physical self and my creative self. It's all a process!! Ha!!
    Hugs to you

  28. I'm a follower. I am definitely still a work-in-progress, I am in my last semester pursuing my master's degree.

  29. Tauyloromadepaperart@yahoo.comJanuary 31, 2012 at 12:04 PM

    I have been a follower of your blog before your move to Oregon, from a link on Farrmgirl Paints blog (another of my favorites). I love your style of decorating and making everything so beautiful and inviting, I love being a work in progress as I evolve with age, attitude and style.

  30. I thought that i was a follower of your blog already, but wasn't, so i just became one!!! Love the giveaway!! Where am i in my life?? I am in transition, and always a work in progress!!

  31. congrats on the success of your blog. I have enjoyed reading about your family, move, and your incredible sense of style and design. I look forward to future entries.

  32. squeal - ooooh how I'd adore putting these pretties in my kitchen! lovely! heck ya I've been following ya forever! C'mon 1000! xo


  33. I'm such a work in progress...and hope to always be I guess! What fun would it be to be "done?" I love your blog in that it covers everything that I am interested in! And of course I love the giveaway!



  34. I could die, those are so cute!

    I have realized a big dream. But...I have a bigger one on the horizon. I am, of course still a work in progress. I hope I always will be. It keeps me sharp!

  35. I am already a follower! I love those cute little jars. Thanks for thinking of us all! I would have to say that I am a work in progress. Always Dreamin'!:)

  36. I'm follower and those jars are o cute!

  37. Definately a work in progress but I am making progress!

  38. Love your blog and have already been a follower! Love the giveaway those are so sweet! I am definitely still a work in progress! ;) xoxo Rachel

  39. I'm a follower and my blog is like my life...a work in progress. I feel like I'm all over the place, but the longer I blog the more comfortable I feel. I found your blog through My Sweet Savannah. I adore both of you gals!

  40. I'm a follower.

    One of my biggest dreams was to be a mom, and I think that has surpassed any other dreams I have had or ever will have.


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