Sometimes we just need a reminder.....

7 comments on "Sometimes we just need a reminder....."
  1. That really is a great reminder. I think I need to purge a few things!

  2. I've loved this comment for a long time.... next weekend it purge-o-rama in my house! It's all driving me crazy

  3. How very true! It's too easy to accumulate "stuff", especially when our tastes change. Maybe a "decorating co-op" would be a good idea. Share and share alike. If you're not using it, someone else sure could! :)

  4. This quote from an amazing designer, is part of my header, and one I am trying to adhere to !!!
    Fiona @justpaintitwhite.blogspot.com

  5. Hi Jill~ LOVE that quote! :)
    If you decide to order the console you will have to let me know and we can meet up! Enjoy your day!! Hugs, Rachel

  6. That quote has been my mantra for the last 14 years. We downsized big time to a little beach cottage. We really don't have room for the "oh, that is so cute". I would buy on whim and now I think twice.

    It really makes cleaning easier which leaves more time for walking on the beach.


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