When I look back at these photos, taken during the last couple weeks, it's no 
wonder I am feeling completely exhausted.....

We seemed to squeeze gobs and gobs of fun into our holiday!

And in case you are interested, I'll provide some of the details:

*the season started on 12/15 when we enjoyed the girls' school's Christmas
concert - LOVED that they could call it that...
* we entertained my family in our home for Christmas
*held our annual family Christmas cookie frosting contest on Christmas
Eve morning - this year we posted pics on Facebook
and let our friends and family decide the winner!
* we all got 'just what we wanted' for Christmas, which
included lots of electronic gadgets.....and Frye boots for momma!
* we ate too much
*we built Lego things
*we played Pictionary and Headbanz
* we celebrated a Packer win on Christmas day!
* we all danced to Wii's 'Just Dance' in an attempt to work off 
the calories {didn't work so much for me}
* saw some good movies - We Bought a Zoo and the Descendants {loved!}
* one of us got her ears pierced! {finally, she says!}

* we packed up and headed to snow {on the mountains, which is just where I like it!}
* we went sledding and caught some air
* some of us went skiing {obviously not the photographer in the family}
*we shopped
*we ate some more - ugh!
* we rang in the new year with my parents
*and celebrated a big birthday for my dad!

Nope, we are not the family that does the "gift they need, gift they want, something to read......
but the kiddos got things they loved and wanted and some things they needed {none
of which are pictured here}.....

However, I was super proud of my 13 year old who had raised money at her school {by planning
and executing a cupcake sale all by herself} for 
a pet food bank in Portland after hearing a flood in their building ruined
much of their food.  On Christmas morning we all went to the pet food
bank to present her donation and witness their good work.  When
we pulled up, on Christmas morning, an hour before the pet food bank
was to open, there was already a line - of people waiting to get food
for their pets........  It was eye opening, for me, but mostly
for my big girl who learned that seemingly small gestures can provide
so much to great needs.  Her love for animals lead her to service and I think she 
is hooked!  Let's hear it for 13 year olds!  They ROCK {even if you give
them iPhones and Beats}!

So.....how were your holidays?????
4 comments on "Christmas......"
  1. Wow, you were busy! I hope you find some time to relax in the early days of the new year!

    The Kramer Angle

  2. What a wonderful Christmas you had! Great photos too! I had a wonderful Christmas as well...filled with family, friends, good food and movies!

  3. Exhausting but really good. It was so good to go, but so wonderful to come back home to...VA. Crazy I know. Anyway loved seeing your festivities. Proud of your girl for biting the bullet. Unfortunately earrings are kind of a must as a woman. It had to be done;)

  4. Looks like everyone had a great time...the cookie contest sounds like a lot of FUN...thanks for the idea!



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