Random bits and bobs.....{no, not 'boobs'!}

My mailbox has been a treasure trove of good home goods catalogs 
in recent weeks......Ballard Designs, Shades of Light, Wisteria.....

I chose some of my favorite items to share with you...

It's not surprising that when I grouped these items together
they resemble my curated home to a tee!

Well, I guess I know my style.....

But it's fun to change things up too, right?

I am in the midst of doing just that with my living room, a space
that has been basically a storage room for mismatched
furniture since we moved in last May.

I am attempting to style a new look, with the help of a favorite
blogger/designer whose style I have long admired.

I am having so much fun bouncing ideas back and forth.  I FINALLY
feel like I am heading in a new direction that takes me
just a bit out of my comfort zone but still compliments
what's going on in the rest our home.

This week I purchased TWO of these pillows from an Etsy seller
after I won my FIRST blog giveaway! {thanks Melaine!}

Yes, they are for the "take me out of my comfort zone" living room!
Aren't they fabulous!

There is still much work to be done.....I can't wait to show you the results.
6 comments on "Random bits and bobs.....{no, not 'boobs'!}"
  1. when i first saw this pop up in reader i thought it said random bits & boobs.
    naturally i thought...GO JILL, making the investment....and then blogging about it! HA! ;)

  2. Me too paige! Surely no boobs in Jill's post. I'm sure it all gonna be gorgeous. Looks very beachy and upscale.

  3. I am looking forward to seeing the finished results!

  4. Funny how close words look! I love to get catalogs in the mail!

  5. Can you tell me where the stools are from? I have been looking for a pair like those above! Thanks!

  6. The stools are from Ballard Designs.


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