My baby turns 11 today.

Her birthday is always particularly special
to me because her pregnancy was....
"special".  I had complications in the
beginning that threatened both her life and mine.
We both survived....and thrived!

My sweet Abigail is so like me....
she is creative, sensitive and serious.
She is always eager to help me in the 
kitchen and loves to bake!

Abigail enjoys quiet and her favorite place
to be is at home.  Although she has
many friends, I often believe she is most
content when she is by herself, building lego
sets or playing Barbies {yes, even at 11!}.

Abigail plays the violin and played
on her school's volleyball team this year.  She loves
fashion and shopping - hard
for a girl that has to wear a uniform
to school everyday!
She does not like math.

She can sometimes be overshadowed by
an older, extroverted big sister so when
you get her alone she will talk your
ear off.  I love that.

Abigail has birthmark smack dab in the
middle of her neck, "her dot" as she
calls it......we have always thought
we would allow her to determine if it
is removed or not but she wears it proudly.

Thank you for letting me share my girl.....we will
be celebrating with some shopping fun with her Mimi and 
then a sleepover party with her friends on Saturday...
wish me luck!

5 comments on "eleven......"
  1. She sounds like a fantastic kid! My 7 year old son has a small birthmark on his chest. He calls it his "brith button". LOL

  2. Happy Birthday to Abigail, enjoy your shopping trip :-)

  3. Happy Birthday to your girl!! And I do wish you good good luck...sleepovers can be tough on the parents!! Ha!

  4. goodness she is entirely too cute!!
    she & caroline sound like they'd be sweet friends!!
    happy birthday!!!


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