Professing my love for brass....{once again}.

I am a terrible thrift store shopper {btw, have you hear THE song
about thrift shopping?}........I am constantly inspired by other bloggers
who obviously have good luck with it....but my need for instant
gratification, limited time and a sensitive 'ick' meter that goes
haywire upon entering a thrift store have prevented any
'hey look at this $5.00 mid-century modern desk
I scored at Goodwill yesterday' posts.

One of my many design quirks is that I love brass, always have
and always will.  Emily Henderson, a design crush of mine,
also has the same appreciation for brass that I do.....
her interiors have been inspiring me lately and making me
twitch and shift a bit in my own home.......so....
When I spotted this lamp at my local Goodwill I took a 
picture of it with my phone BUT did.not.buy.it......
I am scared like that when I step out of my comfort zone.
I even went back the next day because that bad-ass brass boy
was on my mind but IT WAS GONE!!!!

Fast forward to a random Wednesday last week.....needing some
small pots to grow wheat grass in for Easter, I stopped
in my local Goodwill to see if I could get some for cheap and 
low and behold, bad-ass brass lamp was back!

Needs a new finial!

I snatched it up without hesitation and brought it home.
Of course, bringing a 'out of your comfort zone' design element
into your space can set off a domino-redecorating affect...but
it can also lend great personality to your spaces - something
unpredictable and unexpected make spaces unique! In my
house, nothing is ever permanent and for $5.99 I think
I just might have scored my first Goodwill score!

12 comments on "Professing my love for brass....{once again}."
  1. I think you found a good one. I agree with you...not much of a thrifter either and I also love brass. Congratulations...your lamp is fantastic!

  2. I must admit that although I love a good thrift store find, I too get a wee creeped out by thrift shops. My Mom, however, loves shopping in them so I rely on her to find the treasures =) Your lamp looks amazing in your home! I am also crushing on brass lately, and ordered two kitchen pendants in antiqued brass that I'm impatiently waiting to ship =)

  3. I, too, am not a thrift shopper but after seeing all the great things other bloggers find and that great lamp you found, I think I should jump on that bandwagon and give it a shot.

  4. Love the lamp! I have had to be a thrift store shopper for years since my husband was in school, but I love it! It can definitely be hit or miss, but I have found so many wonderful treasures there that I don't think I will ever truly stop going there. :) Hope you become addicted now too!!

  5. I think you found a real treasure, very unique and classic all at the same time. Great purchase!! Lucky girl with a very good eye for style.

  6. I would have popped that tag too :)

  7. Looks great - from one brass junkie to another. The fact that it was BACK, meant it was yours to begin with. It looks faaaaaaaaaaantastic on the table. Great job integrating it so beautifully.

    Most ppl would walk right on by this beauty. Glad you have the eye for brass. It's now home to a great table!



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