PurposeFULL Life.....{a giveaway}....

I posted one of the photos above on Instagram earlier this week
with the hash tag #whosoldladyhandsarethese......isn't it funny that I obviously
look at my hands many times a day, like everyday...but never noticed how wrinkly
and well, OLD they look.  Hello, hand-cream, we need to become better friends! 
However, after I came to my senses,  I thought, these are the hands that have
held my husband's hand for almost 25 years, the hands that held
both my baby girls for the first time and the hands that have yet to fail me
in my almost daily yoga practice {downward dogs and many vinyasas}. They
are the familiar hands of my grandmother, mother and aunts.....family hands, 
good hands....I'll keep 'em.

But enough about the hands let's talk about the arm candy, shall we?
Nearly everyday, you will find me wearing a leather cuff, it's my thing.
I have many but most of mine were made by my lovely friend 
Becky of Farmgirl Paints.  

When I was relatively new to blogging, I stumbled upon Becky's
blog and felt a connection, mostly because she lived near me in 
Minnesota but also because she just seemed so 'real'.  So imagine
how shocked I was when I was at my gym a couple weeks later
and noticed a cute mom with a 'little chick' and a 'big chick' 
in tow.....I knew it was Farmgirl Paints {Becky, unlike me, posts many
photos of her cute-self on her blog}!  So like any good blog
stalker, I sent her a creepy friendly message along the lines
of "do you workout at Life Time Fitness in ......?"  Low and behold
she got back to me and a friendship was born......
Unfortunately {or fortunately, depending on how you look at it}, our
lives took both of us away from Minnesota - to opposite coasts!

Ok - now let's talk more about Becky's cool, hip, inspirational cuffs.
Words and quotes are important to me - they decorate my home, 
broaden my mind and inspire me to be better and do better.
Wearing words that speak, uniquely to ME is me, no apologies.

The photos above are my newest cuff - it says,

"PurposeFULL Life".

That's alot to live up to. But with more PURPOSE
is how I am choosing to live this year - whoo hoo!
Purpose in who I spend my time with, how I spend my 
time and resources  - every minute. of every day.

Becky sells cuffs via her Etsy shop - open from 
the 1st-10th of every month. So guess what?
You can get your very own cuff with your
very own words stamped on it TODAY!!!
And even better......
Becky has generously offered 15% off
your cuff when you use the 
CODE ' jill15' at checkout!!!

Wait - but there's more {I feel like a game show host tonight!}

I am giving a cuff of your choice to ONE lucky
Forever*Cottage reader!

To enter:

* Leave me a comment letting me know
what your cuff would say.

* Become a follower of Forever*Cottage
{or let me know if you already are} for
a second entry.

That's it!

Enter by midnight PST on Sunday and I will announce the winner on Monday.
Have a fabulous weekend - now go get yourself a fabulous cuff!

73 comments on "PurposeFULL Life.....{a giveaway}...."
  1. My cuff would say..."Complete".
    That is my word for this New Year!
    Great giveaway

  2. My motto this year is believe and achieve.
    What a great giveaway!

  3. Such a great giveaway.
    "courage" Most days I need a lot of it.

  4. Love your cuff, hmm mine would say simplify

  5. Love it! I am a Becky follower (and at one point, had a similar stalker-esque moment at the MN Zoo!), but I haven't been able to narrow down WHAT my cuff would say?!?


  6. Mine would say "muchness". It pretty much sums up how I am now living my life- to be the person I was born to be- finding my muchness again :) I am a follower too!

  7. I'll never forget that email. I felt famous! For a second anyway;-) Thanks for all the sweet words girl. Love that IG and blogging can keep us in touch. Oh and my shop is only open to the 10th. I changed it.

  8. Mine would say Carpe Diem - my word of 2013. I am so happy I found your blog today via Becky - It's always fun to find a good one and it looks like I'm going to have some reading material today! Have a blessed weekend :)

  9. These are the hands of time well spent!!
    I read Becky bog and have one of her necklaces. If I were lucky enough to win I would choose WISH HOPE DREAM
    Hope you have a great weekend!!

  10. I just found you today! Loving your blog and how you paired your cuff with turquoise! Fabulous! I can't wait to see your interior designs. I am a follower of Becky. Her cuffs are gorgeous. I would order one for my daughter that says "Shine" or "Rise Above". Blessings and grace - Susan

  11. I'm a RSS follower


  12. I'm thinking I need one of Becky's beautiful cuffs! :)

  13. I have been following your blog for a year now. My cuff would say purpose, it's my word for this year.

  14. Since today I had "good" news on a biopsy, I think it would say faith, you have to have faith. I too love how you paired the cuff with the turquoise bracelet!

  15. I've been a happy follower for a while now! Always enjoy your posts.

  16. Mine would say "Blessed" as a constant reminder that I am!

  17. Love your story about your hands. Each day when I look at my hands and feel they don't look as lovely as I once thought they did, I remind myself these are the hands of my mom and I was lucky enough to hold her hand went she left this earth. If I won a bracelet I would add: choose joy first. This has become our family motto and some days I need a bit of a reminder.

  18. Hi Jill,

    My cuff would say, "accept" because that's been a huge issue for me lately. Accepting how things are, accepting compliments, accepting talents, accepting limitations. I think once there's a submission to reality, then that opens the door to things really changing.

  19. And I'm a follower for a good while now :)

  20. Love these cuffs. I think mine would have to say faith as a constant reminder to let go.

  21. My cuff would either say Dream or Believe

  22. My cuff would say "Faith"

    ♥ Ashley

  23. My cuff would say "godslove". He's the one that keeps me moving in this life and never leaves me. I been following you for awhile now. Not one to comment, but always love to peek. Blessings, Sandy

  24. My cuff would simply say confidence. That is something I need to be reminded of regularly to live life to the fullest.

  25. Hi Jill,
    I found you through Becky's blog and I'm so glad I did!! (and not just because of your generous give away!)
    Anyway, I'm now following your blog and I have been planning my newest cuff from Becky for a while now, and it would say, "you are enough".

  26. My cuff would say Miracles Happen. Because they do ;)

  27. I am a brand new (happy!!) follower! Thank you for the giveaway. I love your cuff!

  28. Found you through "the cottage nest" and I just adore your blog so far.
    My cuff would say "I have Faith in You".


  29. Following you on Google and Pinterest.
    Thank you for entering me.


  30. I would like my cuff to say "Choose Joy". Joy is my word for 2013 and it's so easy to be bogged down by the stresses of this life. I want to remember to choose joy each and every day.

  31. I am now a new follower! Thanks so much for this awesome give-away.

  32. Mine would say all you need is love.

  33. I am a follower :) My cuff would say Life Is Good...because YES life IS good!

  34. There are so many options... but I would probably go with "seek balance".
    Already a follower, have been for quite some time :)

    Thank you for hosting! And Thank You, Becky!

  35. I'm a follower!

  36. I would like a cuff similar to yours, or one that says "Blessed."
    Thank you!

  37. Jill, your hands are beautiful. They show love and life. I would LOVE one of Becky's bracelets. I would choose He's Faithful. ♥

  38. I've been wanting a cuff forever!! Mine would say "redeemed." :)

  39. My cuff would say Family

  40. I love the initial and family cuff that's on her blog right now!! I would pick that one!!

  41. Hey Jill, I love your blog and I am totally a follower! You are part of my daily routine...a must read!! Any who, what a fabulous giveaway!! I love, love, love, these cuffs and I am like you I would rock it everyday!! I would love to have one that says "you are my sunshine" to remind me of my Aunt Bebe that gave me so much inspiration and love for life. Unfortunately, she is no longer with us but will always remain in my heart. Ami @www.ourcharlestoncottage.com adw8101@hotmail.com

  42. New follower...thought I was already following!

    Generous giveaway! Could I copy your saying, PurposeFULL Life? Because its pretty awesome.

    Thanks Jill!

  43. Mine would say "Live in the Moment" ...

  44. I would want my cuff to say Team Bree for my 5 yr. old granddaughter who is fighting rhabdomyo sarcoma. And quite successfully I might add!! Praise God for M.D.Anderson Cancer Hospital.

  45. Oh, I forgot I am a subscriber!

  46. Beautiful cuffs! My cuff would say simply.."Believe"...

  47. Oh, I wrote this all out...and then it didn't publish. Trying again...I just found you via Becky at Farmgirl Paints. I can see why you two follow each other. I love her and I can't wait to get to "know" you! I love her cuff so if I should win one...I think I would choose Find Your JOY!


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