Never mastered this task!


I can't believe it's Friday already.....
This week has flown by, filled with the regular life stuff,
birthday celebrations, client work, homework, housework,
a hike with friends, a much needed hair appointment
for yours truly, sunny warm spring weather.......

A fun weekend awaits - my mom visits to celebrate 
my girl's birthday,  a sleepover and lots of nervous energy 
as my big girl awaits high school acceptance 
letters due to arrive on Saturday - eeeek!  

My blogging content has been thin, but
that doesn't mean that I haven't been working
on projects - I have!  Stuff is coming....
coming, I tell ya!

So what are you up to this weekend????

2 comments on "tgif....."
  1. Shopping for a new pair of running shoes and working on a large collage painting! Whew!!

  2. Hi sweet friend.
    I've enjoyed peeks
    into the b-day weekend
    via IG. I hope you
    are enjoying it all!!!
    Sounds busy and
    wonderful. I hope
    your girl got the
    letter she was hoping
    for. We are waiting
    for one more college
    letter and then, decision



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