Thank you.....{design board sale!}

Over the last months I have had the pleasure of working with 
some of you on rooms in your homes.  It has been such a blessing
to me.....I love that the internet can connect us to people
we would have otherwise never have met!  

I never take for granted that these rooms, in homes I will most likely
never visit are personal family spaces.  Opening them up to me and
asking for my help and advice is an honor.  To my core, I 
really believe that living in a space you love, that lives the way
your family lives enhances our life, and that of our family, in so many ways.

The design above is one that I am still working on.  The young 
couple already has a sofa and loveseat in the space, but that's about it!  Like so many,
they are trying to finish the room on a tight budget.  We elected to 
keep the paint {SW Kilim Beige}, but paint the door to the garage a 
moody black.  This couple really likes neutrals and traditional
design so the board reflects this.  The botanical prints are
a budget-friendly option for art and framed in Ikea's Ribba
make a big impact at a low cost!

As spring break approaches, I am planning to take a few weeks
off but would love to fill my design cue for April.  I am 
offering design boards for $175 for the month of April.  I will
take a limited number of clients so I can complete your 
board in a timely manner.  So, if you are interested in 
having me help you create a room you love in April,
please email me at jill.hinsondesigns@gmail.com.
3 comments on "Thank you.....{design board sale!}"
  1. So exciting that
    your business has
    taken off, Jill! You
    have such great
    talent and I'm sure
    all of your clients
    have been SO pleased
    with your guidance!

    xo Suzanne

  2. I might have you do more than 1....

  3. This board looks great Jill! Can I ask where you got the botanical prints, on a budget? I'm looking for some myself and don't seem to be having much luck.

    LOVE the look of the room. Love the rustic feel of the side table, in combination with the other items you've chose. The room will looks great!


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