The occasional chair.....why you 'need' at least one.

I stopped by a local client's home today to check on some
pieces she had reupholstered.  I am in LOVE with this pair
of french chairs!  My client already had these chairs, just
not in this room.  However, being a big fan
of frivolous furniture, especially a quirky/beautiful/fun 
occasional chair, I ordered urged her to bring them into her family room.
  I really believe every room needs at least one occasional chair - in a corner,
beside a table, in front of a bookcase, next to a buffet....you get the idea.
Besides adding personality, occasional chairs can be moved
into a room when a larger gathering calls for extra seating.

This particular space was white on white - we have been working on
adding texture, a bit of color and some contemporary elements.
This fabric fits in all of the those categories!  

Next on the agenda for this room -  throw pillows and styling with 
accessories, my favorite part!  Stay tuned.....it's going to be fabulous!

8 comments on "The occasional chair.....why you 'need' at least one."
  1. Lovely, and even better that your client owned them already.

  2. The chairs are gorgeous! I can't wait to see more of the room! Looks like it is going to be FAB!

  3. Those are GREAT chairs!! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the room.

  4. I'm in love! I can't wait to see the rest.

  5. Loving those chairs! And you're so right about occasional chairs.

    Have a great weekend Jill!

  6. wow. those are beauties!!! Love the other elements in this room too- so pretty.


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