Spring Curb Appeal.....


Spring time is the perfect time to rethink the curb appeal
of your home.  I know I am re-thinking the color
of our front door, a relatively easy update for instant
curb appeal!

While I would love to paint our entire house - it just isn't 
happening this year.  Our home is currently painted SW Sea Salt -
a sort of cool grayish bluish.  If you remember, last 
year I painted our front door a bright yellow.


I like the yellow but have considered re-painting our door
either a coral red or a traditional black......

Our front door!

For fun, I thought I would conduct a poll - asking for reader input.

If you would be so kind, please take a minute 
and cast your vote for what color
I should paint my front door!

The poll is located on the upper right side of my sidebar.
Can't wait to see what you all have to say.

I would also love to hear how you are
adding curb appeal to your home this spring????
9 comments on "Spring Curb Appeal....."
  1. I love the yellow door and I love the gray siding on your house!

  2. I can't choose! Your yellow door looks great, and is happy & welcoming. Personally, I have a black door and I really like it. However, the red with the gray looks really good too. Very hard decision!

  3. LOVE the red with the gray..... but your door is solid so I would say black, but I adore the red!! So hard to choose, but I say be bold! Go red!!
    Good Luck!!

  4. I'm all about the black door- it's my fav. Although the coral red with your current house colour would be beautiful too! I guess I'm not much of a help in giving an opinion, lol!

  5. I do love the yellow but I'm loving the idea of a black door :)We had a red door at our old home and I loved it! BUT now I am going to go black for our new place. I think either way would be great....but I still vote for black!

  6. Voted for keeping it yellow Jill! I love it!

  7. That's a really hard choice Jill! I like them all. I honestly do. I voted black though because it's just so timeless. But since my door is aqua, I clearly prefer color for myself!

  8. I love the yellow door! Maybe punching it up with a black monogram, or hand painted black scrolly house numbers in the center? What about a cool door knocker or mail slot?? The coral or red would be great too.

  9. love the bright yellow door. No big plans at the moment. But I am considering pulling the phlox and adding something else to the curb area along the driveway.Hopping over to your sweet blog to follow along. Hugs


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