Life via Instagram......

Life has been great, but busy.....

My little celebrated her birthday - I survived the sleepover!

My big girl got accepted into her high school of choice - 
I chased the mailman a couple streets over to get the 
awaited envelope.  My girl claims she will never be able
to face our mailman again because 
I embarrassed her so.  However, she was driving me crazy 
with all her pacing that morning/afternoon so when I saw the
mailman was up the street, I decided to make a run for him, you
are welcome darling daughter!

My little girl had a violin recital and performed her piece beautifully.
So proud of her.

My mom visited this week to celebrate the big birthday
and help me with the sleepover {the hubs was on a guys golf weekend}.
We took the girls to the Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant on Friday
night - they loved it, I liked the wine and chocolate.

I made everyone go for a hike on Sunday cause I am a mean 
mom like that, plus, we had some fondue to work off
....actually one likes to hike, the other kept
proclaiming, "you know me, I am not a woodsy kind of girl".

Thanks for visiting - I swear I have design posts coming, I swear!

Oh - and thanks for all the votes on my front door!
I will consider the winning color {coral!} or may have
even hatched another plan since that post!
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  1. i would LOVE to hike in those enchanted woods. it is so beautiful there. and YAY that your girlie got in her school of choice. HIGH SCHOOL oh my word!!


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