A 'Frozen' themed party fit for a tween!

 Simple is the name of the game around here - especially birthday celebrations
as my girls get older.  My little girl turned 12 in March and wanted to have
some friends over to "hang out" and celebrate her birthday.  She
LOVES the movie Frozen and the girls were planning to watch it
together so I ran with that 'theme' when I set and decorated
her birthday table!  
 My local friend Mary who owns The Paper Moon made the 
bottle wrappers and treat bag stickers for me.  I used wrapping
paper I picked up at HomeGoods for the table runner and thankfully,
the Easter-themed M&M's and readily available daffodils 
helped to make the table festive!

A great time was had by all!


The winner of the $50 Lowe's gift card is Stacey from Steward of Design!

4 comments on "A 'Frozen' themed party fit for a tween!"
  1. How cute! Love the M&M colors.

  2. Sweet ideas for her party! And thank you so much for the gift card. I'm super excited! Thank you!

  3. What a beautiful setup. I'm sure a lovely time was had by all.



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