First, sorry if the above image's language offends.
{fact about me: I cuss more than I probably should}
Moving along….

It's Friday - amazing…..Having my %#$& together is always
a goal for my week, but lately, I hardly feel like I do.
I am trying to embrace imperfection, that enough is enough -
which is BIG for this once perfection-seeker.

But life throws us curves…..this week I had 
a sick girl at home and one away at Outdoor School.
I have two kids playing three sports this spring season, 
someone needs a birthday gift for a friend, a new dress for an
event, momma didn't really grocery shop thoroughly this week…...
we ate cereal for dinner.

As much as I admire those with a weekly 'routine', life
around the Forever*Cottage doesn't seem to fall into
any sort of step or routine…….and I have found 
a bit of peace with that.

I know there will come a day when I will have oodles
of time to have my *&^% together, but that's not
where I am right now.  Right now, I am finding
joy in the chaos, the busy….. cereal for dinner.

7 comments on "Friday……."
  1. Amen, Jill!!! Have a great weekend!
    Leah: )
    P.S. I live in California now, but grew up in Portland - so beautiful there!!

  2. I completely understand :). I still think that having older children (teenagers) requires more time. You so have your $&() together, by the way ;). Have a great weekend Jill.

  3. Amen Sister! Great sentiment. The phrase would lack the effect without the cuss word. I love the English language, and I embrace my cuss words too! I also like cereal for dinner.....

  4. Boy can I relate!! I am so off my game this week, it hurts. I love that quote. A good reminder to focus on myself a bit more and other stuff will mostly fall into place. Happy weekend!

  5. I think the wisdom of your post shows that you do have your s_*t together because you are self aware.

    Hope the sick child is healthy, that the sports seasons are winding down. I coach volleyball and just have 2 more tournaments. And, maybe you should check out the grocery delivery. One of my friends who is juggling the activities of 3 kids has Vons deliver her groceries and she says it doesn't cost much more than a stop at the store.

  6. Best s#!t I've read in a while.
    Michelle K~

  7. Boy....I say "ass" and get chastised for trash talking...:) Ha Ha....In real life I cuss like a sailor! Glad we share that in common.


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