Easter Images from Cottagewood.......

We had a wonderful Easter weekend.

This year, our neighborhood general store sponsored a egg hunt in the neighborhood. Our cottage happened to be one of the houses designated for 4 - 6 year olds to hunt for eggs! And because it was the first annual egg hunt, I was told to get between 60 and 70 eggs to fill and hide in our yard.

As the week progressed and the temperatures warmed, organizers of the event advised us that we might consider getting more eggs to fill and hide....

After only 5 trips back and forth to Target to get more eggs, we finally felt content when we had about 200 eggs to hide! Whew!

I don't know if my girls had more fun helping to hide the eggs in our yard or running ragged all over the neighborhood to find their own in yards designated for their ages!

We were blessed with gorgeous weather for the weekend which made it all the more fun. And while I don't post pictures of my girls often on this blog, I couldn't resist posting these ......

My girls are spring break this week and we are enjoying the stay-cation. Hoping you all had a blessed Easter.....

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2 comments on "Easter Images from Cottagewood......."
  1. 200 eggs!!! I hope you had enough=0) Looks like your girls were VERY happy.


  2. WOW 200 eggs - I'll bet it was fun.
    Your girls seemed to have a great time.


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