It's a Good Thing!

During a flury of errands yesterday, I popped into my local Home Depot to get a little dose of spring color (in the form of pansies) for the cottage.

Purusing a hardware store is my second favorite store to wander around, after Anthropologie, of course. So, I could not help to plop my pansies in the cart and head inside to look at the latest in lightbulbs.

I stopped dead in my tracks when I came upon the paint department and saw the name 'Martha Stewart'. Folks......she's back!

Yep, that's right, her paint line has moved around a bit....correct me if I am wrong....from Sears, to Lowe's and now in Home Depot.

Say what you will about moody Martha, that lady knows her paint colors.

And while many of us can feel inferior when comparing our domestic skills to the domestic diva herself - (I still have not mastered her "Folding a Fitted Sheet" tutorial), we can easily forgive when it comes to helping us choose the perfect shade of beige!

I took a few samples - I am loving shades of gray these days and Martha's shades do not disappoint.

All images from Marthastewart.com.

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6 comments on "It's a Good Thing!"
  1. you may not like her, but Martha is gifted for sure

  2. I loved Martha's colors when they carried them at KMart and it was way out of my way but I'd go there for paint anyway. Then Sears carried them closer to home. I'm hoping, now that she's at Home Depot, that the quality will be better, because seriously, you can't beat her beautiful colors.

  3. I noticed Martha at the Home Depot, my favorite hang out. I, too love the new greys that are showing up all over. I'm really tired of painting all the furniture for my shop in black or white. In fact, while I was at the HD this morning I found a wonderful gallon of grey in an "Ooops" paint- only $5! Yeah!
    It's time for a change...I just hope my customers here in Utah catch on. We seem to be a little behind the times.

    Second Hand Chicks

  4. Those colors are amazing. It almost makes me want to paint again - but not quite. :)

  5. Love Martha's paint. They also carried her line at Sherwin Williams. My favorite color (from waaay back was "Muslin"...it was a non-yellow taupey/gray kind of white. So neutral and went with every color! I choose the colors and my hubs does the painting-he always prefers MS paints for the coverage.


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