Will you be watching?

I confess...

I love just about any mindless, trashy show on Bravo television. Yep, I do. Think what you will about me, but let's just say sometimes this tired mommy needs a trashy tv timeout. That's my story and I am sticking to it.

Have you heard about a new design show debuting on Bravo on Tuesday, April 13? It's called 9 By Design and features a couple that has 6 children (with a 7th on the way, God bless them) who buy, renovate, live in and then sell fabulous homes.

Check out www.bravotv.com for more info and when to catch the show where you live. And no, I received no big payout, Anthro gift card or other such payment for this endorsement.

Have a lovely day my friends! I am thinking about my friends Kasey and Kim who landed in Paris this morning....and sending love their way!

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11 comments on "Will you be watching?"
  1. Are you kidding me? Who's watching the kids?! I must suck, 'cause I could never manage that household, do projects, AND star in a tv show. Craaaazy!

  2. Thanks for the info... I am addicted to REALITY t.v.... my Husband thnks I am crack and does not get it at all. I hope your day is GREAT!


  3. Oh! I thought the show had already started and I missed the first one. Yay! I just got their book from a friend yesterday... they're pretty great... six kids then, seven now, plus all that style and creativity. Fascinating.
    Re your Bravo addiction: you are not alone so don't be ashamed ;) I seriously believe I am am experiencing "Jeff Lewis withdrawal syndrome" and can't wait for the next Real Housewives group to show up. OC and NY were both sooo irritating-and yet I still watched-I think that's called a "problem". Hoping the Novogratz clan will fill the void.

  4. I love flipping shows! It is so great to see the end product and it is amazing with all those kids they can get anything done at all. Thanks for the heads up!

  5. I about died of a heart attack when we redid our kitchen, LOL!!


  6. I love most of Bravo's shows too! I love that they replay them so many times so you can always catch them.

  7. I am so excited to watch this! I read about this family a few years ago. I just can't imagine that many kids and another on the way. It looks like this pic is after she had her 7th. Boy she looks fantastic. What a gorgeous family!

  8. i like some trash too! its ok! i do remember hearing about this show! thanks for the reminder! oh! tuesday is a busy tv night for me!

  9. G'Day~T.V Show Sounds Fab and I will stay tuned! Thanks for the heads up.My kind of Show.~Cheers Kim

  10. OMG... I can not wait to look for this show.. It will for sure be fun to watch.. You just can't beat a do nothing reality night. haha

  11. I thought it'd be lame BUT it's GREAT! They are hip and fun and a family!


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