It's the little things......

It is a well documented fact on this blog that I am a lover of all things bird/nest related....perhaps in a former life??.....

Back in December I had the chance to visit one of my (and most likely yours)favorite bloggers, Kasey from Lola B's in her home. Before I even stepped inside the door of Kasey's lovely home, I was smitten with her front door....and not just because it was a charming front door - with a great window with a pull-down scalloped shade that hung from the inside. Oh no, I was smitten with the bird decal Kasey had added on the window of her front door. I knew I needed to "borrow" the idea and get my very own adorable bird decal for the window on the door leading into my sunporch/family room.

Kasey told me the decal came from McMaster & Storm - a charming online boutique that sells all sorts of packaging/gift wrapping/crafting supplies plus some unusual decor thrown in for good measure.

Well, imagine my disappointment when I contacted Darcy at McMaster & Storm and was told that they were no longer carrying the bird decal but hoped to soon.

Boy did she regret ever telling me that!

The stalking began....

Long story short.....because don't you have better things to do than read this lllloooonnnngggg story....

McMaster & Storm began carrying the bird decals once again last week! I promptly placed my order and it arrived on Friday! McMaster & Storm makes their packages extra special and even include little gifts with your purchase.

It was easy as can be to transfer the decal onto my glass door. Directions were include.

I think the bird looks great on glass doors but you could also spruce up a plain mirror by adding this little guy!

Call me crazy, but it really is the little things in life that make me happy.

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3 comments on "It's the little things......"
  1. looks fabulous!!!!
    i'm glad they finally have the decals in.

  2. A-dorable, not in a chintsy way either. I love it. Now I have to check this vendor out.

  3. that decal was beautiful!!! So glad you got yours:)


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