Weekend in the Garden!

At long last, I can begin to tend to my gardens - the trees have begun to show their first buds and the weather is unseasonably warm. The ice is off our lake and the neighborhood is coming to life. Spring is certainly the season of renewal!

I am a gardener. I love the process of tending and nurturing my favorite perennial varieties. Unfortunately, because we have moved around a bit (or ALOT) other people now enjoy the many gardens that I planted and loved.

I am spending my third summer in Minnesota and look forward to seeing the previous summer's work literally come to life! This summer will be focused on adding and tweaking the already established beds rather than creating - much less muscle involved, thankfully!

May all of you enjoy some time outside this weekend doing what you love!

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3 comments on "Weekend in the Garden!"
  1. I will be doing just that!!! I'll be thinking of you=0)

  2. It's still a little early here but I can hardly wait to spend some time at the farmer's market! I think I'll spend my weekend preparing my gardens for that day ~
    Have a beautiful weekend!

  3. I can totally relate to all of the moving and creating gardens for others to enjoy. Here is to many years for you gardening in Minnesota.


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