Flea Market Style is everywhere.....or is it just me?

It took me exactly 34 minutes to avoid the advertisements, look at the ONE featured home and enjoy the pictures of the beautiful MODULAR built green home {it was built in the middle of NYC ya'll!} in the current issue of Country Living magazine. C'mon shelter mags - beef up your content.....pretty, pretty please? With sugar on top?

Lately, I have noticed a huge movement to more acceptance of flea market style in home decor. Is it a sign of our times? Of our need to be 'green'?

The Country Living home had lots of nods to incorporating flea market finds and other accessible {not just "to the trade"} accessories and fabrics. Are the design gods finally getting the message? REGULAR PEOPLE LIKE TO HAVE BEAUTIFUL HOMES TOO, AND THEY ARE NOT GOING TO PAY SOME SNOOTY DESIGNER TO GET IT!

And looky here people. The Barn has lots and lots of vintage goodies and vintage inspired {although made in China} goods in their recent catalogs......and I am not saying there is nothing wrong with shopping at The Barn {I am guilty of doing it more often than I care to admit}, I am just saying that for a little bit of work and some good flea marketing or thrift store shopping YOU can get the look for less. I recently scored a vintage grain sack for $25.00, much less than these beauties.....

And this glass pedestal that The Barn is selling all vintage-y styled out.....I urge you design loving people, go to your local thrift store, flea market or garage sale and you can score something similar for alot less!

And lastly, see these old-looking frames fashioned into jewelry holders? The Barn has them priced $29-$49! Now, I know you are creative and could score a frame at the thrift store and make one yourself and feel so much better for having done so!

And lastly, have you been watching the new Nate Berkus show? I have caught only a few episodes but Nate is a man after my own heart {if only!}.....he loves a good flea market! I love that he is a designer who knows that incorporating something with history ultimately makes your house a home. Have you seen the lucky Meg Fairfax Fielding of the Pigtown Design blog on Nate's show? Meg has appeared on a couple shows and shown not only how to shop thrift, flea markets and tag sales, but this week showed how to host a tag sale.

Are you seeing what I am seeing?
8 comments on "Flea Market Style is everywhere.....or is it just me?"
  1. I am seeing what you're seeing, sister. And, I am loving Nate. I love that he seems to live in our world just a little bit.

  2. Thanks, Jill! I have to tell you that Nate is just the nicest guy! Everyone on his staff and crew, top to bottom, is just the best! It's been loads of fun to be on the show.

  3. I also love Nate's show. I love the fact that he brings flea market finds into a home.

  4. Yessiree, I've got
    Nate all lined up on
    the TIVO and usually
    watch/listen when I'm
    cooking or doing a
    big kitchen tidy! I'm
    really enjoying the show.
    I think a lot of people
    just haven't had the
    exposure to the little
    shops and flea markets
    that we like....Or they
    don't have the imagination.
    But times, they are a
    changin'! I think we'll
    see more and more folks
    with your can-do spirit
    and attitude.....Great
    images/ideas, Jill!
    xx Suzanne

  5. Some call it green, i just think it's sensible budget & nice to buy something which is unique, has a bit of love & history already in it!! Love Posie

  6. This has been very much on my mind of late.I think it's amazing when you look from catalog to catalog of "home" stores, how much is vintage inspired or just plain old to begin with.The styled shoots are made up of the products offered.The fillers are all vintage.The kicker is folks are willing to spend big bucks for the "name brand", made in China item instead of the original.The original is often less expensive and of a better construction.Better yet is the fact that over time, if you buy the original to begin with, when you get bored with it (which you likely will) your ability to resell that item and recoup some of your initial investment is generally a given.I call it upgrading.I sell stuff I have to upgrade to the next style or the one that better reflects where I currently am in my life.It takes longer, yes.And no, you can't walk into one flea market and outfit the entire room all at once but over time you collect better quality pieces that showcase what makes you unique.As a bonus, you have lots of stories to tell folks when they ask, "where did you get...?"

  7. I know, right?? I can't believe how Pottery Barn has really gone "vintage". I would like to know how many people they hired to sit at a computer and blog-stalk all day just to see what we are liking and what project we are doing. I had a designer from PB visit my furniture booth this summer, and it was interesting to talk with her a bit about what direction they are going, and how they get so much from blogs and such. Watch out...we are ruling the world when Pottery Barn is watching us!

    Happy Weekend...


  8. I totally agree about the dearth of content in most shelter mags, it's why I just don't buy them anymore.
    The magazines I spend my money on, because they are totally worth it with all their inspiring content, are the Stampington publications...can't get enough of them!
    There used to be a day when I would just automatically pop the newest issue of Country Living or Country Home in my basket, knowing I'd love what's inside...not anymore....are you listening magazine publishers?
    I know I'm not alone....


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