thursday ramblings.........

can it be thursday already?

it has been a week to exhale, you know what i mean?

*my kids are off of school tomorrow, i haven't decided how i feel about that yet...

* i ran 3 miles today and then proceeded to eat half a bag of pita chips right out of the bag on the way home from Trader Joe's {i am using capitalization rather sparingly today but thought it was necessary here}.....and i wonder why i can't lose weight

* i have "naturally" blond hair that recently has a copper-y/orange-y streak right. in. front. even my spendy hair gal who helps me with my "naturally" blond hair is perplexed

* i recently got to realize a long held dream {but i can't tell you about it yet}

* my 12 year old asked if she could wear mascara to school today....i said "no", i am so mean.

* my 8 year old mentioned yesterday that she is going to "reading skills enrichment" at school, i feel like i have failed her somehow - she is my girl who gives more thought to what she is wearing to school each morning than if she has a book in her backpack......

* Trader Joe's has pumpkins for $3.49 - i bought two today and consider us done with shopping for pumpkins {and no children were with me to pick them out}Does this make me a bad mom?

* hubby and my big girl will be out of town for a soccer tournament this weekend, little girl and i will be spending the weekend reading.....instead of the shopping we had planned {wink, wink}....

* i won't take it personally that only five of you commented on my last post asking for your favorite Pandora stations.....Suzanne, I am right there with you on Bing at Christmas but Angela, I don't think you will ever find Amy Winehouse on my Pandora, but maybe I will take a listen and see, never say never!

* some of my minneapolis friends are hosting what sounds like a really fun event! if you are a local gal and would like more information you can visit their blog and find out more!

* i just polished off a greek yogurt while writing this post....sheesh! more running tomorrow!

8 comments on "thursday ramblings........."
  1. WHAT? Only HALF a bag?? I would'ave snarfed down the whole thing! lol! And running 3 miles? You go, girl! Don't feel bad about the mascara thing. I wasn't allowed to wear any til I was 14. I think these days, kiddos tend to try to grow up too quickly. Oh, and have you checked your water? Sounds like you may have too much iron in it. Hope next week is better for ya, girly! :)

    xoxo laurie

  2. Girl...I would have so eaten that whole bag. And wanted more.

    And just so you know, I have vivid memories of the first time I wore mascara. I came down the stairs for dinner, and my old brother looked at me and started laughing. He thought I was joking. Then proceeded to tell me I looked like Tammy Faye Baker. I cried. The mascara ran everywhere. Needless to say it broke me of wanting to wear it again any time soon.

    Happy Thursday. It is a gorgeous one, isn't it??


  3. Oh, and yes I Pandora...so my deepest apologies for not commenting on it! I didn't see the post until now!

    My answer is Kenny Chesney. I am currently obsessed with his new song called Round and Round so they better add it to the playlist soon. Hmmm...I should examine this more closely. It is a tale of wanting the opposite of what you have. There is a therapy session in there somewhere. Hahaha!


  4. I'll comment on the Pandora posting. I have on mine Yanni, Enya, Sissel, Abba, Barbra Streisand, Josh Groban, James Taylor, to name a few. I love Pandora.

  5. YOU are way to hard
    on yourself, my friend!
    Didn't you read the rules?
    One 3-mile run = 1/2 bag of chips!
    As far as mascara goes,
    when I was thirteen my
    mom said I could wear ONE
    item of makeup at a time;
    either lip gloss OR mascara
    OR eyeshadow {and I didn't
    even know about the rest!}.
    I think that was a good
    compromise. As I got older
    I started adding more to the
    ONE rule, but stuck to it
    during JR. HIGH ~ AKA middle
    xx Suzanne
    PS: The bus sounds fun...
    not sure if we are in town
    for MEA....How about you?

  6. I can't believe your big girl asked to wear mascara, never would have seen that coming! Loved this post, put a much needed smile on my face! Have a great weekend, miss you

  7. i would think if you ran 3 miles you would get to eat the whole bag. i remember when my daughter was just dying to wear mascara. "all the girls do", now she is 20 and hardley ever wears it.

  8. LOL, it's not Amy Winehouse that I want to hear but that station is the easiest to link up other artists I love like Etta James and other cool "vintage artists".

    I'm not feeling the pumpkin thing this year, I still haven't bought one. I'm a slacker this year.


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