Halloween at our Forever*Cottage

I realized recently, that while I do enjoy holidays, I am not much for lots of holiday decorating.....I like my house the way it is and often feel like holiday decor clutters it up. I find myself counting down the days until I can put all the holiday decorations away.....

With that said, I thought I would show you how I incorporate the season into my regular all-season decor....call it "seasonal decorating, done light".

Yep, I have goofy Halloween figures! I love them. To rein in the clutter they could cause, I have all the cute figures displayed together on a vintage tray with a nest/urn that I use in my year-round decor. I simply swapped out the egg and replaced it with a pumpkin.

Another tray {"hello, my name is Jill and I am seriously addicted to trays"} on my dining room table has an urn filled with small pumpkins and a sweet tag with vintage ribbon trim.

Had to show you one of my goofy Halloween figures - my girls love them and they bring a smile to my face! {Lori C. Mitchell figures}

Love a fall front porch! This is mine and yes, that sign says "The witch is in".

I think we have been "booed" four times so far, even though I promptly displayed our sign in the window. Do you "boo" in your neighborhood? My girls love this Halloween tradition.....

We live in the neighborhood where everyone comes to Trick o' Treat. Our store gives out small bags of candy and neighbors bring their fire pits into their front yards and greet the trick o' treaters. One neighbor even sets up a haunted house in their garage and quite literally has a party on their front lawn. I go to Costco and buy LOTS of candy, don my witch hat, pour myself a glass of wine and answer the front door!

Happy Halloween!

7 comments on "Halloween at our Forever*Cottage"
  1. I love your funky folk art Halloween figures. They make me smile also!
    Enjoy handing out hte candy!

  2. your decorations are really cute. i don't put that many out anymore either. except for christmas. and we live in the country so we never get any trick-or-treaters, but i love what you and your neighbors do. sounds like a great time.

  3. i love your little halloween touches. i did the same, grouped a few things together to avoid the clutter issue too.
    funny thing, i woke up today & they're getting on my nerves. i may need to pack them all up before we ever hit halloween! i'm so weird

  4. Hate to admit it,
    but I STILL don't
    have any Halloween
    out, yet!! I have
    a cute gargoyle figure
    that I need to get out
    on the front steps and
    it's time for pumpkins....
    I do have a cute cloche
    on the counter filled
    with gourds ~ does that
    count? I'm with you on
    the clutter issue ~
    guess that makes me
    a BOO-HUMBUG : ) !!
    All your stuff looks
    very cute!
    xx Suzanne

  5. I don't do much with Halloween decor, either. I guess it's just too "themey" or something! lol! So here at Heaven's Walk, it's just some little white pumpkins and a little more "wood" tones in the rooms for the season. :)

    xoxo laurie

  6. Love all your Halloween goodies . . it's always fun to decorate, isn't it?


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