pest control.....


that's what this picture says to me....

joy that came with lots of compromising and thinking about the kind of mother I want to be.

Who knew a {cute}hamster could cause such serious reflection?

You see, my big girl has challenged me alot during her short 12 years on earth....because she is so much unlike me. It has been a gift that I appreciate every.single.day {well, most days anyway}.

Big girl has wanted a hamster for a long time. She begged, she pleaded and made lots of promises regarding the level of care she alone would provide. I dismissed all of her pleas and begging and promises. I happen to have a strong aversion to mice/rats/rodents etc...and there was just no way I would willingly have one living in my house!

My big girl turned 12 in September and with that came the realization that in one very short year my "challenge girl" will be a teenager....gulp! Childhood is fleeting and with that so are my memory making years.

The coming years will most likely bring challenges and we will face big decisions about what we allow and don't, despite what everyone else may be doing....

All of a sudden, letting my big girl get a hamster seemed like such a small/insignificant choice in the face of what may come our way.

Allowing her this hamster said "we trust you", "we believe in your caring heart", "you are responsible", and "we allow you to be who you are".

Who knew what a little 'pest control' could do?

12 comments on "pest control....."
  1. Oh Jill! Now you are in for it! Ha ha! Just kidding! Just don't let that little guy escape! My kiddos got a miniature dwarf hamster for Christmas last year. "Buddy" is the cutest little (only 2 inches) guy but we've lost him in the house a couple of times! After many tears and prayers - he turned up...but man I was not too happy knowing he was on the loose! You are a good mommy! :)

  2. love this post... had me reflecting on my relationship with my own "challenge girl". The hamster is pretty cute! ;)

  3. Very good choice, and you are right, the coming years will be "wonderful".
    She'll remember this gift for the rest of her life.
    Thanks for sharing,

  4. Hi Jill! I truly believe you did the right thing. Kids need to grow up with pets. They learn to love and respect them as they care for them everyday. I believe that it builds better kiddos with bigger hearts all around. :) What did she name that little cutie?

    xoxo laurie

  5. Be glad she didn't want a pet rat!!! My daughter had a rat named Rudy...Rudy the rat. Not only did he get out a few times, but, I personal found him in my underwear drawer..... EEEEEK. Rudy had to have his own tiny pancakes for breakfast, when I made them on weekends. My kids are grown up and still talk about that rat. You will be happy years from now when your daughter has found memories of her little critter. Thanks for sharing Decgal

  6. Oh Jill what a FABULOUS post....You are a WONDERFUL Mum for sure & your children will certainly cherish the memories you've made for them....!

    It makes me smile out loud to hear people talk of 'parenting' this way....It gives me hope that the children of tomorrow won't be so far removed from the children we were yesterday....Albeit, a little more technologically savy....hahahahaha....!!

    Cheers from Oz,
    Tamarah :o)

  7. She's as dear as
    I pictured her...
    with a heart as
    big as her mom's : )!
    I LOVE your shift
    in thinking and will
    try to adopt it with
    my own soon.to.be 12-
    year old! {He comes
    with his own, ahem,
    challenges...!} Thanks
    for this sweet post.
    You are right ~ there
    is pure JOY in that pic!
    xx Suzanne

  8. Hey Jill, I'm having a linky party over on my blog this week. Would love it if you joined in.



  9. What a good mommy you are to allow her to take care of a hamster...that shows responsibility and a little girl ready to grow up, good for you for allowing her that ability! My niece is 12 and we see her quite a bit so I know what you are talking about with some of the challenges...and with mine, the attitude, goodness enough to make me drink or want to keep my little LITTLE! :)

  10. Oh, that photo is priceless! It reminded me of when I was a kid, and my younger brother and I finally talked my parents into letting us each get a hamster. My mom took us to the pet store to pick them out, and the store owner talked us into getting rats instead (mostly because they're not nocturnal like hamsters are, so they're awake and ready to play when you are). My dad came home from work, took one look in the cage, and said, "Those aren't hamsters," like we didn't know the difference and had been tricked or something. ;)

  11. You have finally found the secret of Motherhood. Congradulations! You are a good Mom and your daughter will always remember this little phase even though you will go through trials of having a teenager, you have sealed that bond.

  12. About two years ago we tried a similar product. When I saw a spider making a web directly over the ultrasonic transducer, I took it as a clue that they don't really do much.


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