A seascape update......

The seascape I posted about earlier this week
got a frame.....a quite chippy/scraped frame which I 
happen to love.  

I had the opportunity to spend a few days this week
out hunting in some of my favorite
Portland antiques stores.

I passed on the ironstone - on this day.

Architectural salvage just makes me start dreaming!
I have always wanted a clawfoot bathtub!

And based on the photo below, I think I might not need
to shop for vintage paintings for awhile......

Happy Friday to you - what's on your agenda for this February weekend?
My big girl's Saturday night basketball game got cancelled -
so I promptly made dinner plans with good friends.
This is the kind of change of plans that makes me happy.
This does not however mean a lack of sports -
we will on the sidelines cheering at not ONE but
TWO soccer games.  Oh, and Valentine's - I must
convince my little girl that homemade Valentine's
are superior to Justin Beiber Valentine's from Target.
Wish me luck!

8 comments on "A seascape update......"
  1. Gorgeous frame
    for your sweet
    seascape, Jill!

    I am enjoying a
    weekend with my
    movies, Anthro,
    oh my!

    Happy Weekend and
    good luck to your
    sweet soccer star!

    xo Suzanne

    1. Hello friend - Enjoy that precious time with your girl!

  2. Wow, your stair gallery wall is gorgeous! Love the chippy frame for your new seascape. You got me shopping for paintings on ebay!

    Have a good weekend!

  3. Beautiful frame, Jill!

    Being fairly new to Portland, I would love to know where you where at. Coming from the midwest with lots of great antique stores, I haven't found any here that I've enjoyed as much as back home.

    Thanks for the help!

    Love your blog!

    1. Well hello Anonymous!

      You came from the midwest - I came from the midwest.....I detect a theme! Well, I always had a hard time finding good antiques stores in the midwest! I shop at Monticello Antiques on SE Stark in Portland and the Stars Antiques malls in Sellwood - those are my favs!

  4. Hi Jill, I just recently started reading your blog and love your style and philosophy about style. We have lived in our 1955 ranch style home for about 1 year now and I am still trying to finish up projects and make it "mine". I have some questions and would like some advice. Thanks~

    1. Rebecca -

      I would love to help you! Please email me at jill.hinsondesigns@gmail.com to let me know what specifically you need 'help' with!

  5. Wow! That frame is perfect! Loved spending time with you this week. Lets do it again real soon!


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