Collected vs. Decorated

This sentiment {from Suzanne Kasler}
pretty much sums up my design philosophy.

Clients often struggle with understanding it - cause everyone
wants a pretty, finished room 'now'!  But I think the prettiest, happiest,
coziest rooms are ones with personal collections - photos, collections,
heirlooms, books, something old, something new
....meaningful objects that speak to those who
dwell within the rooms walls.  Those rooms truly sing!

I don't hide the fact that I am not a formally trained
interior designer - but my instinct to design imperfectly, 
perfectly collected looking spaces that reflect the life and loves
of those who live in the space is something that 
can't be taught.

The rooms in my own home have many things no 
interior designer would include in a design 
plan but they are meaningful things to
me and my family - they tell the story of us.

That's real life design!

3 comments on "Collected vs. Decorated"
  1. I agree totally. I have seen this referred to as the "undecorated look". There was a feature in H&H magazine one time where they looked at designers that represented that type of "undecorating" and they were some of the warmest and most inviting spaces I had ever seen. I love that look.

  2. I could not agree more! I do not care for perfectly decorated rooms...I'll skip right on by them when I see them on blogs.

    Must be the name Jill...I have a great friend Jill who I recently blogged about...not trained as a designer but man can she put together a great looking room...just like you! If I change my name maybe?

    Have a great day Jill!

  3. Good design sense comes from your heart. I have met people (my mom!) who have no formal training but who can decorate a room that makes you feel so good you never want to leave it! I also believe that in the art/design field, "formal training" isn't necessary for good design. You either have it or you don't! A room that is too by the book isn't authentic, it doesn't feel real.


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