Let's chat, shall we?

After having the kids home for the last four days, I am slowly
trying to find my mojo this morning.  And to clarify, by "home"
I really mean "off of school" because I am discovering as my
girls get older they spend less and less time at home. Social lives,
activities and sports all require lots of driving and coordination
by yours truly.

I am often asked to share more photos of my home on the blog
so as I was going through my photo files last night, I uploaded
photos to share today - they have absolutely nothing to do
with my random ramblings.....nor do any of these spaces look
like this today!  Complete evidence of my indecisive nature -
after all, I am a fickle girl.

Thanks to all of you who shopped my tag sale - I find it's a fun
way to connect with readers and have even had the pleasure of delivering
goodies to local gals to meet in person!  There are still a few
items left.  I marked the grain sack pillows down this morning!
It was fun to open the new issue of Flea Market Style
magazine and discover that two of my tag sale items
{the bowling pin and dyed grain sack pillow} were featured 
as popular flea market items to collect!

Are you watching The Bachelor?  I am a total fan, have been since
day 1.....I used to watch for the sweet reminder of those early romantic
days of a relationship.  Now, I often find myself thinking, "what would
I think of this boy if one of my daughters brought him home?" 
Yet another reminder that I am indeed getting old!
Do you know Sean's sister has a blog?
She does recaps and provides lots of insider tidbits
about the show, super fun to read if you are a fan.
Go here and check it out!

I stumbled upon this new-to-me blog and this great post
written about e-Design.  I have really enjoyed working with
some of you over the last couple months!  The e-Design
process is unique and can really help homeowners struggling
with design dilemmas in specific rooms in their homes.
If you have your own design dilemma and think I could help, please email me at jill.hinsondesigns@gmail.com.

Now,  go have a fantastic day!

5 comments on "Let's chat, shall we?"
  1. Great pictures! And yes, I'm thrilled to have purchased the bowling pin. It was very fun to see the mention of them in Flea Market Style!

    Have a great day.

  2. Who'd of thought that bowling pins would become a collectible? Ha!
    Loved the grain sack pillows
    And your dining room...heart!!

  3. Hi Jill...your home is lovely! Your style is right up my alley...love it!

    Thanks for the link to my e-design post...I appreciate the love :)

    Have a great day!

    Home Sweet Hollywood

  4. Love your style. Did you do your kitchen cupboards yourself? I love the open cupboards and how many plates holders there are. And what kind of rug is that in your living room?
    Beautiful home.


  5. LOVE your style, Jill! We have the same lantern above our dining table & was wondering what's the appropriate height to hang it. Ours definitely needs to be lengthened but not sure how much! Thanks!


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