I went shopping...

It's no secret I am in love with my city, Portland Oregon.
Besides being beautiful, funky, quirky, a great place to get
both a glass of good wine or good coffee, Portland has 
some fun home decor shops.

Yesterday, I was shopping with a friend/client and 
snapped a few photos with my iPhone that I thought
I would share....just for fun.

 We started at Cielo Home - a sweet shop that specializes
in gorgeous special antique pieces, custom upholstery and lamps,
John Derian pieces and other small decorative items.  For me,
this shop is for inspiration......it is pricey....but hey, a girl can dream!
We also ventured to Jonathan Adler - this is a new
store for Portland - opened about six months ago!

Overall, the Adler look is a bit too contemporary for my
personal home, but as a design fan, I was in heaven!
The store is so inspirational and full of COLOR!
I loved the whimsy and the messages on the 
walls of the store - all about living in 
beautiful, fun spaces.  Obviously,
Jonathan Adler believes that more than anything,
design should be fun!  Amen!

Cargo - an import store was our next stop.  Cargo has a bit
of this and a lot of that....Asian pieces are plentiful, including 
all the blue and white porcelain pieces pictured above.
The also have a large selection of Santos cage dolls -
I happen to love these, but I know lots of people
who find them slightly creepy.  What do you think?

And more wise words from Jonathan Adler........

My friend/client purchased a couple blue and white
porcelain pieces - including that LARGE jar
pictured above and will have them converted to lamps.
I can't wait to show you this project - it's going to be beautiful.

Enjoy your day!
2 comments on "I went shopping..."
  1. i love your city too!! i get so excited when its time to take a visit down there!! i think that doll heads are creepy especially the old vintage ones. i have nightmares that they will come to life and wreak havoc on my life. but i think they are cool for some people with a certain style.

    thanks for all you share on here Jill. your home is such an inspiration for me!

    ♥ Ashley


  2. Haha love that last saying...I really need a gay BFF!

    Feel the same about Jonathan Adler...so fun to look at but just doesn't go with my home. Portland sure has some great shops! Fun post!


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