Lamps Plus Design Bloggers Conference...

This is happening.....
A few weeks ago a real life friend sent me a 
text encouraging me to check out 
Emily Henderson's blog.  She said there
was a Design Bloggers conference that was
offering a scholarship to attend for newish
design bloggers.  Emily was one of the
'professional' choosing the winners and that
it was a perfect fit for me.
To enter the the contest I simply had to 
submit an email answering some questions 
about my blog, easy-peasy.  

Well, yesterday I got word that I was
selected along with four very talented ladies

I feel honored to have been selected but
completely freaked out too - I have never
attended a blogging conference and after
reading the bios of the other winners I am
a wee bit intimidated - hello, an Anthropologie
product designer???

But - ultimately, this is life and it's about living!
Blogging has brought me so many opportunities, like
this, and this, and this -
I would have otherwise never had - so this
is yet another.  Most importantly, I remind myself, my two girls
are watching me, every step of this journey.
And I am blessed to be able to show
them how "it's never too late to become
what you were meant to be".

Now.....what am I going to wear???

8 comments on "Lamps Plus Design Bloggers Conference..."
  1. That's exciting. My first thought would be "what am I going to wear" too :)

  2. Super exciting! You will fit right in and have a blast :) Anthro designer....what a lucky gal!
    I hope we have good weather here in Cali for you :)

  3. So exciting Jill! I think you need an assistant to help carry your bags, straighten your outfit, etc. etc.!! Pick me Pick me!!

  4. awwww so nice hey you can see http://bonhaminterior.com/ for fabulous interior designing ideas

  5. HI Jill,

    I am attending DBC for the first time this year as well. It's funny, I found your blog by googling "what to wear to design bloggers conference"! My friends Amanda from Amanda Carol at Home and Jen from At Home in the Northwest will be joining me.

    It's always nice to see another friendly face, so I thought I'd reach out to you. (Hope that doesn't seem creepy. I promise I'm not a stalker!!)

    Good luck putting together your wardrobe and hope to see you there!



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