My blog posts have been seriously lacking this week, I apologize.
Life happens and that's ok.  I am always in
awe of bloggers who are really full-time mommies,
have jobs and lives who blog each.and.every.day.
I raise my glass to you!

The photo above {from Veranda 2011} was
a favorite from Pinterest this week so I thought
I would share.  I think the room seems formal
at first glance but I would have no problem
plopping my feet up on that ottoman while sipping 
a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

Despite a bad week in blogging - you will want to 
come back here tomorrow.  I am hosting a fun giveaway!

So what do you have planned for Thursday?

4 comments on "Prettiness..."
  1. That is a beauty of a room. I agree, I cannot post everyday. I am blessed to get my two in a week. I love your posts...Can't wait to see what you have to give away. Blessings!

  2. Pretty room...blue and white always in style :)

  3. I agree. Beautiful space. Margarita for me please..

  4. My Thursday was quiet and uneventful. Now it is Friday and March 1st?? How the heck did that happen
    Be well


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