Butler's Pantry.....

Butler's pantry's are one of those spaces in a home that I would consider
a luxury.  I was lucky to have had one in a former home but 
unfortunately, not in our current home. 

I love to entertain and I might have a bit of an obsession 
with ironstone platters, silver napkin rings,
aprons and cloth napkins.  My kitchen
cupboards - while plentiful, were not really
built for storing the above mentioned obsessions
entertaining essentials.

I purchased this white cupboard at a favorite Portland
antiques spot from a favorite dealer.  It came with a single
shelf.  I had my handy dad cut three shelves for me and
my husband installed them in the cabinet
over the weekend.

I painted the interior Farrow & Ball's Down Pipe
with a leftover quart I had mixed at Home Depot.
The paint had hardly dried when I began filling
it with all my platters, linens, cups, flatware,
serving baskets, water pitchers and misc......

As you can see, it's not quite perfect - but it certainly provides
perfect storage for all my entertaining essentials!

15 comments on "Butler's Pantry....."
  1. I love your pantry, and i love the color.It's a great place for all your goodies.


  2. That is a lovely piece that would work well in many spots. The colours are great too. We don't have a broom closet in our kitchen so I'm looking for a narrower version.

  3. oh wow, I think I need a piece like this... and what did you have here before? this couldn't be any better!. Love the stuff you have on top most of all!!!

  4. I love it and your collection!


  5. That is such a great idea. Love that inside color also and your stuff looks so cute in there! Definitely going to remember this for my new house which will no doubt be old and not have enough cupboard space. Thanks :)

  6. LOVE your storage cabinet. I think it looks fantastic.. Tip for you for future projects.. Take a little caulk any old kind will do. Squeeze some out onto your finger or small spakle knife and run it along the raw edge of your wood it fills those voids and they when dry you can paint over it. It makes a nice edge. My Dad taught me that years ago when we were making a shelf like this for my babys room. I still use that tip now and again.. Love your collection of silver napkin rings and all the other cool stuff in your cabinet too.

  7. That area between the doors is the perfect place for your cabinet. It looks very nice with the attractive items on the top. Everything looks very neat and orderly. Shannon

  8. Perfect! I can't
    really remember
    what was there
    before.... A desk,
    maybe? Love how
    it fits the spot ~
    and your style,
    so well : )

    Happy Monday,
    xo Suzanne

  9. I have always loved free standing cupboards and cabinets for the kitchen and dining area. They add something very personal and unique to a space, especially when you then create your own purpose for them.

  10. Hi Jill, I'm popping over from Steward of Design. Love, love your cabinet - it's beautiful and looks like the perfect piece for your space!

  11. That is some sweet storage, from the sorter for the jars to the holder for the cups and mugs and the jar of napkin rings, I would just want to look at it all day and I might never get anything done. So adorable and practical. The best combination.

  12. I love your cabinet. Especially how you have styled it! Bravo!

  13. Hi there,
    Just found you and your lovely blog...I am loving your slip covered stool. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!



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