Accessories, you can never have enough!

Remember this photo of my loot from the Farm Chicks Antiques Show?

Back when I posted this picture, I promised to show you how I incorporated these new treasures into my home.

First, let me share one of my main philosophies on decorating your home - and let me remind you I am not a professional. This is just my "girlfriend-next-door", "works for me" philosophy (I think many fancy-shmancy decoraters would disagree with me).

Here it goes....the accessories you put in your home provide the all important personalization that makes your home your own. Collections, photos, mementos from travels, kids art, grandma's tea cup, found items from nature etc...meaningful items for YOU make your home personal and relevant to only you.

I am always surprised at how many people fret over what sofa or chair they will put in a room but never use personal accessories after the sofa and chair have been delivered! The accessories you "decorate" with absolutely make the spaces in you home feel cozy and homey.

What does Oprah say? "Your home should rise up to greet you". I truly believe this. My home has many collections. Nothing is in my home "just because", every item has meaning to me and my family.

***Remember I am not a professional - I will most likely not be the Next Design Star with this philosophy, but I am just saying.....

There was a wonderful vendor at the show who made these adorable nests. She had nests of every size, I chose this one to add to my ever growing collection.

The coffee sack pillow I purchased from Barn House is a favorite purchase and now sits happily on my slipcovered rocker in my living room (sorry for the bad picture, I am playing with my camera!).

This architectural piece was not pictured above in the loot photo (it came home and immediately was set on top of my front door - I love it!

I managed to purchase and bring home three pillows from the show. Two of the pillows - a wonderful old ticking stripe and a old linen piece with an "H" monogrammed on it have found a home on our bed.

I love the subtle layer the new pillows provide against my all white Shabby Chic linens and white antique euro linens.

And finally, while not purchased at the Farm Chicks show, I wanted to show you this sweet little pine piece I bought locally and placed on top of my secretary. I love the little drawers to keep notecards and extra cords in (my laptop is stationed in the secretary). I found this piece at a wonderful store called Style Minneapolis. It's owner was nice enough to open the store for me and an out of town friend to shop on a day when she is normally closed. I hope to return with my camera and share with you some photos of this beautiful shop.

Want to transform, change your home - either for good or seasonally? Add some accessories that YOU love....

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13 comments on "Accessories, you can never have enough!"
  1. I absolutely LOVE what you have done! Beautiful and so cozy!

  2. You've done a great job with your accessories! Beautiful! Happy MM!

  3. Great advice and your rooms are beautiful...

  4. The bed has such elegance! Love the tranquility you feel just looking at it.

  5. The icing on the cake, without the accessories to add the pizazz the room is never finished. Love what you've done!

  6. I love your chair and your bed. I have the same shams. Don't you love them??

    Very pretty!

  7. I adore your decor! I'm like you, live with what you love.

  8. You did well. I am crazy for your slipcovered rocker.


  9. Oh, I WANT one of those. What is it about little drawers and nooks!?

  10. I am right there with ya Gal!! Your home should be all about YOU! And yours looks LOVELY!

  11. It all looks fantastic! You are my hero for getting everything where you had it planned for.
    My finds are all still sitting in the garage waiting to be fabulous. You have motivated me.
    Thank you!

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