Help Wanted: A beautiful and functional laundry room, Please Inquire Within.

We have owned nine homes since we have been married and our current cottage has just about the nicest (and most spacious) laundry room of 'em all. Unfortunately I haven't done a darn thing with it.


I think I am paralyzed by my desire to create the "laundry room of my dreams" - whatever that means.

Needing a kick in the (dirty) pants, so to speak, I looked to the net for inspiration.

What I know for sure:

1. I will paint the existing cabinets creamy white and change the hardware.
2. I will remove the cabinet doors below the sink and add a skirted bottom instead.
3. I will add storage, perhaps shelving.

What I am thinking about:

1. Beadboard paneling?
2. Paint colors?
3. Goovy wall mounted drying rack from Ballard Designs or find a vintage one (I know I have seen them!)
4. iPod docking station - makes folding go faster.

Below are some laundry rooms that might make this dreaded chore enjoyable, or at least tolerable.

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10 comments on "Help Wanted: A beautiful and functional laundry room, Please Inquire Within."
  1. ooooh--I'm lusting after a pretty laundry room. I'm working on it! :)

    susan @ www.peanutpetunia.blogspot.com

  2. We just finished our laundry room re-do if you want to take a look! I am happy to do laundry...well, the week after the project has finished I am happy about it. Later on I might just be content about doing it : )

  3. Oh, I'm trying sooo hard not to be jealous! My laundry "room" is a corner of the garage. Boo. One of these days I'll take some time to make it prettier but for now, I'm just gonna stay in denial...

  4. Love Love LOVE the first inspiration picture!! I'm not lucky enough to have a laundry "room" mine is in the garage- but I still plan on trying my hardest to make it cute!! ;)

  5. I think you are off to a good start with these pictures! The laundry room is one area I try to avoid. However, with a beautiful setting, it makes the work a lot easier!!

  6. I thought you were showing me pics of all your "other" laundry rooms.
    you should see mine.....
    dungeon in the cellar.

  7. I vote for the turquoise tile. It reminds me of the sea.

  8. i love a good laundry room, and for me i spend ALOT of my time in there!

    and that first one is to DIE FOR!

  9. this gives me such inspiration. i move next week and have a blank canvas in front of me...actually it's pretty nice as is but not "me".


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