An Ending.....A Beginning......

Today is the last day of school (sigh)...

Next time I put my girls on the school bus, one will be beginning her last year of elementary school and my "baby" will be a second grader (sigh)....

I am panic stricken. Normally,I have planned a schedule of camps, classes, activities, but not this year.

This year we are wingin' it.

I am committed to use the phrase "go out and play" over and over, just like my mom did. Do you think it will work?

Or will I be calling and begging my way into camps and classes that were filled months ago.

So begins our summer....

As if you did not already know, I was at Farm Chicks this past weekend. I had such a great time with my friends Carrie, Meg and Carrie Lynn. I met some new friends too, talented women who I had admired in blogland. I was inspired by my friends Joe and Jermonne (Barn House) and Cindy (Tarte) - both their spaces were AMAZING, their creativity and energy are endless.

I promise to post pictures this week (while the kids are playing outside).

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3 comments on "An Ending.....A Beginning......"
  1. Hey Jill!! It was so much fun hanging out with you this weekend. Did you get your ticket for our Flea Market yet??!! lol OK...I need to stop lollygagging and post something about the show...

  2. Such a fun weekend with you! As I mentioned earlier...I wish you lived closer! :) Have a wonderful summer with your girls! Pics are on the way! Meg

  3. Jill, it was so nice to finally meet you! You yourself are so creative and such a cutie with your piggytails! Thanks for introducing yourself! Hope to see you at more events maybe! Melaine


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