Occasional Sales

Occasional sales, flea markets, junk markets, call them what you want, it seems that sales of vintage goods that take place only certain days of the month are all the rage these days. The concept seems to make sense....smaller overhead for sellers, an opportunity to collect vintage finds and create buzz about upcoming sales. Works for me!

Country Living magazine ran a story about the growing popularity of occasional sales in the July issue, my new friend Kasey's sale (Lola B's) is highlighted! I can't imagine that these types of sales won't be popping up all over the country.

For me, I really became aware of occasional sales when I moved to Minnesota over a year ago. They are quite popular here. I managed to find some great sales in the town of Carver. My favorite "Mustard Moon" is open just 4 days a month (Thursday - Sunday). The line of shoppers is always quite long right before the Thursday morning opening. You just can't beat the prices and unique treasures you just don't find at the big box stores. I often see shop owners from Minneapolis in Carver. They often buy up all the best goods quickly. I know that they will be in their stores for double the price within days.

How about where you live? Do you shop occasional sales, garage sales, flea markets? Are you thinking of starting to host your own occasional sale?

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9 comments on "Occasional Sales"
  1. Occasional sales are the best! The Barn House boys do it as good as good gets. When we began Salvage Studio four years ago, we did big sales every few months, then we did a retail situation for three years. Both were great, but we are back to the every few months schedule, with Farm Chicks added to our dance card. I love your blog, and am glad I found it on the blog roll for BH.
    Beth of Salvage Studio

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. We have them the first weekend of the month out in the hill country here in Texas. I love the finds!

  4. Oh Texas, I would love to go hunting in Texas!

  5. In Kansas City they have one at Good JuJu the first weekend of the month. It is fantastic!

  6. you are too sweet. You wouldn't believe the amount of emails i have been getting asking for advice on how to set one up.

  7. I live in Dallas home to many of these kinds of sales. From home sales (esp. close to the holidays) and I'm 45 min. away from the best Flea market ever...Canton, 1st Mondays. It's got everything. Great people watching, Great junk and new stuff. It's attracting more and more creative vendors. The also have great food. If you want it on a stick or fried...they have it!

  8. You will love the cottage house sales best prices in town go to www.thecottagehousempls.com


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