Farm Chicks

Some photos taken with my iPhone - more to come later.....I just could not wait to share...

Call me biased, I am a fan of Barn House. Joe and Jermonne are creative talents who have a bright future ahead...Their booth at Farm Chicks did not disappoint. The booth itself felt like a small boutique filled with crazy fun vintage finds, from coffee sack pillows, displayed in a gigantic galvanized steel tub to shell topped bottles, topiaries, cabinets, and lanterns. The party the Barn House boys threw for 150 of their closest friends/customers wasn't too bad either!

I have always wanted an old laundry tub like this to use as a cooler for a summer outdoor party - too bad I was limited to a carry-on and one huge suitcase.

All in all the Farm Chicks offered something for everyone. While not all the booths were what I would call "my style", I could certainly appreciate that the dealers were bringing their best. Often that is not the case when out "hunting" local sales. Most likely the best part of going to a show like the Farm Chicks or any other larger national show is to be in the company of creative, like-minded people (mostly women). In our world of instant gratification, mass-produced, consumerism it is refreshing to see there are more creative alternatives to feathering our nests.

I left truly inspired...more to come.

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6 comments on "Farm Chicks"
  1. I can't wait to see more pics. Just this preview is wonderful!

  2. Hey Jill!! It was so nice seeing you again and thank you so much for coming to our little party. This was an incredible weekend in MANY ways. :o)

  3. Jill...i just know we would be best friends if we lived closer!
    I loved getting to know you better...

  4. hmm, I too was at Chaps and Farm Chicks and would have loved meeting you - or did I?! The weekend is a real blur - thank heavens for my many, many photos. I enjoy your Blog and will keep in touch.

  5. Everything looks great. Can't wait for more pictures. What a wonderful shopping opportunity this looks like. Enjoyed my visit and happy Wednesday.d


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