Hi, my name is Jill Hinson. Thank you for visiting my Forever*Cottage, the blog I started in 2008 when our family relocated from Pennsylvania to Minnesota - our 6th move in just over 10 years!  I had hoped that our Minnesota cottage would be our forever home {although I used the asterisk {*} because I had a hunch it would not!}.  In 2011, our family had the opportunity to return to our beloved Pacific Northwest and are happily settled in what I *promise* will be our forever home in Portland, Oregon!  My husband and I are the lucky parents of two daughters, ages 15 and 12. 

I left a career in non-profit fundraising when I gave birth to my oldest daughter and have never returned to full-time work.  My passion for design, living well and all things related to home-keeping have created opportunities for me that compliment my other work as a mom and wife. I have scouted and styled homes for publication in national magazines, helped numerous friends style and decorate their homes, had my own cottage published in Flea Market Style magazine {Spring 2011}.  Most recently, I was honored when one of my local design projects was featured in Flea Market Style magazine. I also worked as the stylist for the photo shoot {Spring 2014}!

In 2012 I established Jill Hinson Interiors.  One bonus to moving quite a bit is that you get the chance to make a house and home over and over! Let's just say my new homes were my design lab/school. Then after being asked to help many friends and neighbors make their homes beautiful and personal, I decided it was time to make it my business! 

My goal when I work with clients is to make the process fun, collaborative and financially feasible.  I would like to think I am not a "typical" interior decorator.  Sometimes interior design can seem so rigid, with rules and structure that paralyze us {and cost lots of $$$} and make us fearful of making a mistake - in our own home.   I like to bend the rules - help you to make your home personal, cozy, comfortable and a place where you are proud to gather your friends and family.  Above all else, I am an optimist, a follow through-er, a detail noticer, a design fan, a collector of quirky things, pretty things, cool things and friendships.  My designs include my obsessions -  gallery walls, well styled bookshelves and tables, symmetrical arrangements, beautiful fabric, botanical prints and vintage art.  To my core, I am a stylist. So, to me, the beauty is in the details, the finishes, the accessories!

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