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Adding summer to your home....

Most of us can't redecorate every season, but I often
find myself itching to lighten and brighten my home come
summer and then cozy it up come fall.  I thought I
would share a couple ideas with you.

For summer, I simply added a couple of my straw
hats to our back door coat rack along with
bags that I take to the farmer's market or beach.
Besides the practicality and convenience of having those items handy
as I head out the door,
they also bring a summer feel to our home.

Fresh cut flowers in vases are a great way
to bring summer inside.  When planting my outdoor
gardens, I always try to include plants that make
great cuttings.  In just over the two years we have
lived in our home, I have added many hydrangea, lilac,
daisies and peonies just so I can have flowers to cut
and bring inside.  

Other relatively easy ways to lighten and brighten for summer 
is to replace your Persian rugs with sisal or seagrass - 
or even no rug at all.  Also, switch pillows out to 
lighter versions, floral or some nautical stripes.  
Bringing in lighter accessories - white vases, 
sea shell collections etc....can also make your home
compatible with the season!

And let me tell you - it is definitely summer in the
PNW, we hit temperatures in the 90's this 
weekend which is very unusual for us this early.
I actually turned our air conditioning on!



Remember when I told you about my friend who had 
a booth at the Farm Chicks Antiques Show?
Well, despite having GREAT success at the show, 
she had a few gorgeous pillows that did not
sell.  I mentioned that I have blog readers who
seem to love a new beautiful pillow as much as I do
and suggested I offer them for sale on 
Forever*Cottage!  So today is your lucky day!

  • 18”sq.
  • Includes an 18"sq. poly/down pillow Insert
  • No pattern on reverse
  • Zipper closure
  • Dry clean only

Cost per each....$52.00 per each (shipping included)

There are THREE Chevron pillows available!  Please email me at
and let me know how many you are interested in purchasing.  I will update the blog
after sales are made so you know if they are still available.

Cute stripe ticking stripe pillow - sort of a yellow/cream color with navy stripe.
$52 - includes shipping!
ONE available. Email me at if interested in purchasing.

  • Includes an 18"sq. poly/down pillow Insert
  • No pattern on reverse
  • Zipper closure
  • Dry clean only

Cost per each....$52.00 per each (shipping included)
There are TWO french script available.  Email me at
if you are interested in purchasing.  I will update the blog
as soon as purchases are made.

Feel free to email me with any questions!  
Happy Friday!

Who says you need a sofa?

I have always loved a conversation 
grouping like the one pictured above.

So, when clients asked me to 
help them with the design for a VERY awkward living space
{holy cow, two spaces with a fireplace smack
in the middle!}, I knew I had found the opportunity to design {half}
 the room without a sofa.  The room is asymmetrical, has no
less than 5 doorways, 2 windows and did I mention
a fireplace sort of in the middle of it all?

To be perfectly fair, the home is a lovely old
farmhouse that has been updated, although
somewhat awkwardly.  This project, like any,
has it's challenges and this room/s is one of them!
The homeowner prefers warm 'fall' colors and wants
a 'sophisticated' farmhouse look.  

So what do you think?  Does designing a room without a sofa
scare you?  Or like me, do you find this kind
of grouping inviting and cozy?


Real World....

This photo illustrates well the old saying about the
cobblers children with no about
the decorators home with mismatched pillows 
and no drapes....but it is real life and shows
how imperfection can be pretty too.  

This is our great room and as much as I would
love to do many things, our financial priorities
are elsewhere right now.  So, I have fun helping
others make their homes beautiful with fabrics that
make me drool and furnishings that would furnish the
homes of my dreams, and accessories.....
oh, the accessories!

Someday this room will have pretty drapes....
In the meantime, if you would like my help
creating a beautiful room in your very own home
please email me at jill{dot}hinsondesigns{at}gmail{dot}com.
I have openings for e-design work in late-July/August!


Week one of summer vacation for my children
is in the books.....we survived, it was good.
I have no reason to complain, at 11 and 14 years
old my girls are pretty darn independent, besides
driving them here and there, they are very
easy to entertain.

What is different for us is that this summer is that
momma is working....
You see, I had a dream and decided to
go for it, it's that simple.
My interior decorating/blogging business
has sort of found some traction
and is keeping me busy.
I seriously pinch myself.

I am doing what I love and loving it.
So can I really consider it work?

I am living proof that life has many seasons.....
and I am ready to live fully in each
and every one of them.

Have a wonderful weekend friends.


we have A chicken....

Can you see her?

We have considered getting backyard chickens - just a small 
coop, but have decided it's not happening this year....
perhaps, next spring? We'll see.

In the meantime, I thought this sweet vintage
chicken would dress up our patio
nicely for the summer....

I found her at the Farm Chicks Antiques Show
in Spokane a few weeks ago...
I have to admit, I had trouble buying this year....
could have been me, but I am really over
the whole faux painting EVERYTHING 
trend.....{sorry to my antiques selling friends!}.
And I realize that creativity is hard, but
I did not see anything NEW.  Like I said,
could have been me.....

But I love my chicken......I asked for name
suggestions on Instagram {you can find me HERE}
  - Gertrude, Hattie, Wanda and
Nugget were all suggested....
So what do you think?


Pretty photo and winners.....

This photo has nothing to do with this post except that it calls out 
my peculiar cat-eyed glasses explanation for it, but I have
quite a few......Most are collected in a cup on my desk but I have 
a couple favorites set here and there.....
Hmmm.....So I guess the photo
does have something to do with this post - glasses can make a
fashion statement for sure -  And while I am not brave enough to 
rock these cat eye's, I think they do look marvelous set a top
my Domino book.

Ok, enough of my un-puncuated drivel.....

Congratulations to Kerri, Sandy Peterson and Deborah!
You have each won a spot in Paige's e-course!
Please email me at jillbeth{at}aol{dot}com!

Come back tomorrow so I can show you my favorite
Farm Chicks Show purchase....


Summer accessorizing.....*fashion edition*....with a giveaway!

Like me, I am certain many of you are fans of my friend Paige Knudsen's photography
and lifestyle blog.  Paige has a caring heart and a beautiful soul, is a dedicated mom to four
gorgeous daughters, is a gifted photographer, an enthusiastic Noonday ambassador
a provider of literary and culinary inspiration to me and so much more!

Paige's love of fashion and style is infectious - she 
has a knack for choosing which latest trends she will
incorporate into her mostly "classic, preppy with a little cowgirl"
wardrobe.  But above all else, she is the queen of accessorizing......
which is why I love her so....she knows the value of good statement piece
and layering the perfect combination of bangles!
These are LIFE SKILLS gals!

So, guess what?
Paige is going to share her secrets with all of us!

Paige has created a summer e-course as part of 
Jeanne Oliver's newest series on fashion & style.
For just $10 Paige will share with you her
tips on style "must haves" and tips for buying
according to your size and also share her favorite
beauty products! **Plus, you get to hear Paige's
cute southern accent in her videos!

The course goes 'live' on June 24th but
you can view at your leisure for 
to SIX months!

To register go to and register (this part is free).
You will find the mini course along the left hand side of the site under COURSES.
Click on the course you want to register for and pay {$10}.
If you don't see the course you are looking for click "view all" under the courses
for a complete list of the courses.

Paige has graciously offered to giveaway THREE courses
to readers of Forever*Cottage!

To enter:

* Leave me a comment telling me what is your
favorite fashion accessory or beauty product

* Become a follower of Forever*Cottage or if you 
already are, leave a comment letting me know!

*Enter by midnight PST on Tuesday, June 18th

That's it!  I can't wait to find a few quiet moments this summer
to enjoy this e-course!  Thanks to my friend Paige for offering this giveaway! 

Coming soon to a newsstand near you......

One of the best things to come my way since starting this
blog, almost SIX years ago, is the opportunity to work with some
decorating shelter magazines.  I was, and remain, a HUGE
fan of decorating magazines and getting to be a part of how
they are put together has just been a blast!

I am working with two publications this summer - one
shoot at a local client's home and the other at a friend's home.
I will be able to tell you more later.....

Today I took some scouting photos of the home above -
it's a beautifully charming home that will 
photograph so well.  I take no credit for any
of the decor - my friend is a natural when it comes
to creating a cozy, personal, family friendly home.
I know you are going to love it!


John Robshaw love......


I am sort of obsessed with Pinterest.......for a design-junkie like
me, it's my drug of choice!  Because of it's popularity, Pinterest
images often seem on repeat but sometimes a room literally stops
me in my scrolling along tracks!  This room, in the home of the 
great fabric designer John Robshaw no less,  is my definition of
of pattern mixing perfection!  It looks effortless.  I strive to 
someday be able to mix fabric patterns THIS good.......

Today was a recovery day.....yesterday was 8th grade graduation
and it's like my pride sapped all my energy so today I 
was a big lifeless lump......Never mind I have lots of work
this week - scouting for some upcoming magazine shoots and a styling
project just in the knick of time for a graduation party!  All
fun and GOOD stuff - I am blessed!


A happy front door.....{a girl's entitled to change her mind, right?}


Really, from the moment I applied the hunter green {circa 1985} paint
to my front door, I knew it wasn't right.  But I am stubborn and was
under the gun to complete the project....I even posted it's sad
state on my blog....pretending like, "oh look at me, bringing 1985 back"....
You guys didn't buy it and neither did I.

While perusing the almighty Pinterest I stumbled upon
the image above and was instantly smitten with the happy red door.
I researched the photo source and did some digging for the exact
color of the beautiful red front door.  It is Sherwin Williams "Cherry Tomato".

*the outside of the house is SW Sea Salt

I wasted no time in covering that horrible green - for the last
couple weeks, every time I drove up to my house I literally
heard 'wah, wah, wah' just wasn't happy, it was tired -
and way too tired for a freshly painted door.

And speaking of haPpY.....happy Monday everyone!

I'm spending my day at 8th grade graduation festivities 
and parties.....I am one proud momma!


Today....and a winner!

The winner of the Father's Day gift giveaway
is 'Kelly and Seth'!  Congratulations!  Please email me to 
claim your $75 credit to!

Today's a big day in our big girl has her last day
of grade school.  The next time I take her to school
it will be high school!!! It's true, time flies when you are having fun!

I am extremely proud of this girl and all her accomplishments -
my first born, she is eternally optimistic, a hard worker,  competitive in
all good ways, has a big, caring heart, has a strong and true moral compass,
never wants to disappoint, is adventurous and willing to try anything,
is a role model for her sister and I have no doubt will just soar in high school!
It has been an honor and true joy to be her mother....
My Emma on her first day of kindergarten and this morning before her last day of 8th grade.
While I know it's just sending her to high school for goodness sake,
and I have read about many of you sending yours to college,
mission trips across the country, or even walking them down the aisle....
It is this harsh reality smacking me upside the head  -  
9 years flew by.....realizing we have only FOUR 
more of her at home is too much for me to wrap my head around right now!

This weekend we celebrate......and look forward to watching
her become what she is meant to be!  

Father's Day...a giveaway from!

If you're like me, you are overwhelmed with all the end-of-school year activities, 
last days of homework, teacher gifts, etc.....never mind Father's Day is right
around the corner!  Thankfully, the folks at will have you
looking oh-so-well-prepared for the day! has such cute Father's Day cards and gifts for the special
daddy{s} in your life!  

I love the journals and art prints!

Nothing says 'you are special' like a personalized gift!

And guess what? wants to help
all of us out, just in time for Father's Day -
is offering all reader of Forever*Cottage 10% off
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Use the code: FCDAD10SHIP at checkout!

Plus.....minted is offering a $75 credit towards Father's Day
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by June if you win, you must be ready to
get your shop on QUICK!

To enter the giveaway:






Farm Chicks 2013.....

 Farm Chicks 2013 didn't disappoint....this year was different though...
My friend Mary, who attended her first Farm Chicks show last year
was a vendor this year!  I helped her set up and style her booth on Friday.
As a shopper and overall fan of vintage goods, it was such a thrill to 
see all the vendors setting up their booths - so much creativity 
under one roof!  Plus, I got a sneak peek at the goods which made
for very efficient shopping on Saturday morning!
The photo above shows us {me in the center} in Mary's empty booth space -
before we worked our magic....
 The show was bigger this year - more vendors, many of the new.
My favorites are still Uber Chic, Great Findz and Junebug!

The crowds were crazy!  Truth be told, it really is not my
favorite way to shop - selfishly, I liked the previous two years
when Serena offered early buying tickets but I understand
that from a business perspective, it makes sense to get the most
people through the doors. When we arrived on Saturday, my 
curiosity got the best of me and I asked the first people in line
what time they had gotten there.......they told me 4:30 am!
I would say the line was over a hundred yards long an hour
before the show opened!  Diehard vintage shoppers, I tell ya!

My favorite part of my Farm Chicks weekends are always 
hanging out with my girlfriends.  The tradition
of our pre-show Chaps dinner continued with both old and 
new friends - {that's Beth Quinn who was in from Arizona
doing her third Farm Chicks show}......There is just nothing
like good food, a nice glass of wine, music, a hug from Celeste
{Chaps' owner}, along with the company of good friends.

See ya next year Spokane!

{coming soon - what I bought!}

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