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Chasing her dreams…..

I'm headed to California tomorrow……my big girl dreams of playing
soccer in college and that process is beginning… she concludes 
her freshman year in high school.  Can we just slow time down, please?
Really, I am proud and in awe of her hardwork, tenacity and dedication….
I am almost embarrassed to admit to what I was dedicated
to when I was her age…..but let's not go there, oakey-dokey?

Of course, besides colleges and soccer fields, I have
some shops I'd like to visit {momma has to have fun too}
- Bountiful in Venice Beach is a MUST!
I promise a full report on Monday!

Any other suggestions????


Life lately….full of good stuff….

 I imagine many of you are preparing for summer and the kiddos
being home….we still have a few weeks left of school here in the 
Pacific Northwest.  But in the back of my head there is a 
contant ticking……counting down those minutes/seconds until my days
are no longer entirely mine…..

I have been trying to fill my days with the 'good stuff'…..
hikes and lunches with friends, wrapping up work with AWESOME
local clients, freshening up my gardens, some vintage shopping
and this weekend, a quick visit to my parents' in central Oregon.
These Instagram photos pretty much sum up life lately.

Now - a couple housekeeping items…….

FIRST - I have established a {dot} com email address that
is included in the 'contact me' sections of this blog…..
unfortunately, I have discovered that when I respond to inquiries
regarding sponsored posts and design inquiries they are going to SPAM!
Seriously!  So - if you have written to me and have not gotten a response,
please check your spam folders!  I feel terrible this has happened and 
am trying to find a solution!  I want to FILL my summer with e-design 
projects {more on that later this week} so I ALWAYS respond
to all design inquires! Try sending a message to

SECOND - if your name happens to be Tahir, Faheem, Dinesh or Syed….
please DO NOT leave spam content on my blog!  I am so tired
of deleting your comments about LOL and awesome money making
opportunities…..this is a ongoing problem for bloggers and while
I don't want to moderate comments, I might just have to go that route.
Anyone have a solution for me?????


Hope you all had a great holiday weekend.


Home Design….it's a process….{here's an example}.

It has been just over a year since I went for it and established my home decor biz.
I feel extraordinary fortunate to be able to pursue my creative passion, have the 
trust of clients and work for myself on my own terms.

I have learned so much during the last year.  With each and every project
I finish, I am a better designer than when I started.

However, what I knew in my gut when I started was this:

Creating a well designed/collected home is a process
that doesn't happen overnight…...

Let me explain…..

I created the design board above after meeting with a local client
mid-renovation……This young family had moved into their 
"forever home" and promptly began a significant renovation.

The first meeting took place with a house full of construction workers.
And decisions on paint and finishes were expected, like yesterday!
My client, a young mom of FOUR children under the age
of 7,  felt overwhelmed with the choices, living without a kitchen, 
construction dust, noise and constantly having 
workers in her home.  She was at the point of just wanting
it done and to enjoy her pretty home…..

Well, she's there…..almost.  Because design is a process, 
lots of the elements from the design board have been accomplished,
but some still need to be installed.  Choices, like coordinating
fabrics were changed - the client has great taste and together
we chose more neutral pillow fabrics.  Budget and time have
delayed drapes and getting the area rug cut and bound.
It's a process.

Creating a design plan is always the best way to begin creating
a beautiful space.  But that doesn't always mean that the original plan
is followed verbatim.  As you begin placing items in the room,
sometimes original choices are changed…..for a multitude of reasons.
I really feel like being flexible and allowing the room to evolve
yields the best result.  I love the process of debating choices
and weighing alternatives with clients.  

It was completely the clients idea to put TWO World Market 
coffee table together!  It is a pleasure to work with creative clients
who think outside the box. Many people would
not be on board with this idea {which is fine} but it works!  

It's now been almost 8 months since our first meeting…..and it is such
a pleasure to visit this client and see how the spaces are 
evolving……with my guidance and the client's own creative talents….
it's a beautiful thing.

The photo above is the client's kitchen….at our first meeting the most
pressing decision was paint choices for the cabinets.
I think my recommendation of BM White Dove for the perimeter
cabinets and SW Urbane Bronze for the island look fabulous!
{and that's my cute client putting away dishes!}

Along with choosing sofas, pillows, paint colors, etc... for clients, 
MUCH of my work with clients centers around providing assurance…..
that the results will be beautiful, that design is a process, to be patient, 
you will get there…taking the time is worth the result.
This project is the perfect example.

Later in the week, I will show you how the client's 
living room is 'evolving'….with my help!

{because I know you will ask….paint on the walls is BM Revere Pewter}


Schoolhouse Electric

There are so many wonderful things about my hometown of Portland, Oregon -
we have great food, wine, beer, plenty of coffee,
parks, mountains, rivers, an eclectic/creative population…..
AND we are home to Schoolhouse Electric!  

I had the opportunity this week to visit their retail store and tour their manufacturing facility
in northwest Portland - it was SO fun to see how Schoolhouse's fixtures are
really handmade - such great care goes into making each and every
fixture!  And they make them ALL right here in Portland.

 As you can see, their facility is very in keeping with their products - in
fact, I even got to see the fourth floor where they shoot most of their 
products for their website and catalogs.  The painted brick, beams and industrial
feel serve as the perfect backdrop for product shots.

The retail space is SO inspiring and includes a coffee shop
and florist too!  Mixed in with their beautiful, vintage inspired lighting are
art prints, books, serving pieces, furniture, bedding, throw pillows, hardware,
gifts, shower curtains, aprons, tote bags etc….all with that
vintage/cool/hip Schoolhouse Electric vibe!

Schoolhouse just launched their spring line and there is SO
much goodness…….
Schoolhouse Electric
I chose a few favorites but it was so hard to narrow it down!
How about that brass cabinet hardware?  Or that striped
duvet/sheet set?  And the lighting……..So good!

You can checkout Schoolhouse Electric online HERE!


Tuesday night ramblings…..

It's taken me THREE years to be brave enough to post another
country video - remember way back 2011 when I posted
THIS?????? Scandalous!

For those of you who don't know….I am a music fan -
my Pandora stations include classical, opera, gospel, contemporary
christian, 80's, contemporary, pop, country, show tunes, 
coffee house, French Cafe …….

I grew up in a house with
lots more music playing than a TV on…..
Something I appreciate - so thank you mom!
{although I could have had less Neil Diamond, more Fleetwood Mac}

I love this new release from Miranda Lambert - sort of speaks to me, 
my love of all things 'vintage', of simpler times……as a momma
to two teens/tweens I often find myself feeling quite 'old' these
days when I long for them to know simpler, innocent, more,
dare I say, dignified times.  

Here's to more Rand McNally, less Apple Maps!
Remember setting your tape recorder to record your
favorite Top 40 songs????

Always in the mood for Indigo!

'Indigo' - it sounds so designer-y and so much more fancy
than 'blue'. I love using 'indigo' in interiors, to me it's a sophisticated neutral.

I recently started working with a family, who like many young families,
have moved into a gorgeous new home, purchased neutral beige pieces,
a few investment pieces and that's it. The clients are looking to 
warm their family room space up, make it cozy and inviting so I 
designed a space using my favorite warm and cozy color - indigo!

I used a few of my other 'tricks' to add instant warmth to a space -
dramatic overhead lighting, drapery layered with textured blinds,
a gorgeous rug and throw pillows!
My goal was to design a space that was sophisticated
yet comfortable and inviting - sort of my signature!

My clients already have a sectional sofa, upholstered ottoman
and media center in the space.

Obviously, I think this is now a space for family gatherings,
game nights, movie watching and playtime!


Happy Mother's Day!

Wishing you all, especially my own mother {heyyyyyy Sandie!}, 
a very happy, restful, peaceful, indulgent mother's day!

I am celebrating by taking in a Portland Thorns
{women's professional soccer} game with my peeps
on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday!

Cheers to the wild insanity of motherhood!

Playing favorites….

The change of seasons always sets off my desire for change and 
freshening up my own home….I sometimes wish I could 'turn off' that nagging
part of my brain, but I learned long ago it's just the way I am wired…
What can I say?
 My creative genes bloom right along with the tulips and hyacinths!  

This year, however, I am finding myself practicing 
more 'editing' than 'adding'……hmmmm…….

I am trying to be simplify
 {says the woman who collects clocks, canes and vintage art….}.

My living room {which also serves as my office}, pictured above,
remains one of my favorite spaces in my home……
it's quirky, collected and comfortable.
I believe I shall leave it as is.


Look Up…..

I feel almost hypocritical posting this, as I rely a great deal
on social media for my business and life in general….

And I also feel strongly that technology and 
social media can be very beneficial and have led me
to opportunities and connections that would otherwise
have been impossible…..

But as the mother of tween and teen girls, I also agree with
lots of the points made in this video.  And I admit,
I have been guilty, in life, of looking down too much
some days…..

Watch and let me know what you think…..
shouldn't we all 'LOOK UP' more?

Words of advice…..

Here we are….we made it! It's Friday ya'all!  

How was your week?

Mine was full…of

 good stuff, 
disappointing stuff, 
book reports,
tacos on Tuesday,
cycling class,
fun clients,
temps in the 80's,
volunteer work,

You get the idea….

So this find from Pinterest spoke to me this week….

And this one did too….cause the older I get the
more I know the kind of people I want to be with….

And once, when I hired a designer for my own home,
she repeated this quote to me…..
{and now I find myself repeating it over and over
to MY clients……}.

Whatcha got planned for the weekend?

My big girl's soccer team plays for their 
fourth consecutive state cup soccer championship
on Saturday……go Onyx!

Hope you are all packing lots of good stuff into your weekend plans!

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