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Summer Design Board and Design Question Sale!

My work in design really began here on this blog when I hit 'publish' on my
very first blog post and then when I began offering e-design services.  I have to
admit, that due to a full schedule with local design clients, I just haven't 
been doing much e-design which I really do love.

After a very busy July, I am looking forward to enjoying some time
at home in August.  Because many local clients travel and are busy getting
their children ready for school during August, my schedule is a little more flexible.
I thought it would be fun to offer
a few spots for e-design clients at a reduced rate! 

I am offering THREE e-design spots for $150 per room!
My rate is normally $300 per space.

In addition, I am also offering the opportunity to ask any single design
question you would like for $15 - paint color? design question? Floor plan?
Whatever 'issue' you have with your house. These are SO fun!!!

To reserve your spot to work together with me in AUGUST, send me
an email  I require full payment, via Paypal,  to reserve 
your spot - I try to be very fair and will schedule the projects who make timely payment.

For $15 design questions, just send your question to me at
and I will send you a Paypal invoice and answer!

This has always been fun and I want to keep it that way - you will be a big
help to me if you answer emails on a timely basis and are open minded, brave
and willing to take a few risks!  

Let's make your house pretty for fall!

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