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My Summer List…….

I love the summer lists that lots of bloggers complete
with their young children…….
But I have tween and teen girls who need no reminders
to make s'mores or have sleepovers or go to the beach.
And truth be told…..if I allowed it, my entire summer would
revolve around nothing else than ensuring my girls 
are entertained 24-7……..

Of course, I want my girls to have a great break
but this momma also needs some summer fun too!
I really believe all mothers, no matter the age of your children,
need to take time for themselves, do something you love, 
learn something new, get a pedicure, go out with your girlfriends,
go on a date with your husband, exercise……..

Here's some items on my personal summer list:

Sadly, I don't read as much as I would like.  I tend to purchase books 
and stack them on my nightstand…..I am determined to do some reading 
this summer….some I would like to start with are pictured above.

Summer flea markets are always a favorite activity!

Have you heard of SoulCycle?  This is Portland's version
and I am hooked!  I have been going to a cycle 
class at this Pearl District studio at least once a week
since May and I will continue during the summer!

As I have gotten older matured I have enjoyed learning
new things.  I signed up for this online class and intend to 
learn Illustrator - something I have always wanted to do!

And of course, I hope to spend some time working on both
'form' and 'function' in a some areas in my own home!
I spent the last year working on so many great client projects
but I hope to tackle some important areas in my own home
this summer!

Wishing all of you some opportunities to make 
time for YOU this summer!


My life according to my iPhone…...

Happy Sunday evening friends.

I am wrapping up a busy week and preparing for
yet another….Yes, it's summer and I am craving more control over
our schedules {particularly mine} …. more on that later this week!

For now, I thought I would share what I have
been up to lately….{I know you are not all DYING to know}….
 My little girl finished 6th grade and I hosted 5 of her besties for
a sleepover on their final day of school.  I love 12 years olds - still very 
innocent but SO trying to be the teen they will soon become - they seriously
crack me up.  I always put 'conversation starters' on the table when
I serve my girls' friends dinner - they LOVE asking one another 
questions and I swear if you are VERY quiet, they won't even realize
you are listening to their very entertaining answers! You can find
them HERE.

I just drove a Minnesota girlfriend to the airport after
spending a fun three days showing her around my beloved Portland!

How can you NOT be 'Le Happy' when driving by that restaurant!

And how about that wood chevron wall treatment in a vendor
booth in a local antiques market - while I am not a diy-er …..
would someone who is do this somewhere in their house and 
send me photos?  Pretty please?
 I took my Minnesota friend to Cannon Beach, Oregon for the day - two pretty
sites were captured - famous 'Haystack Rock' and a gorgeous 
plate wall in my favorite shop Sesame & Lillies.

I also captured a gorgeous sun halo back in Portland - how cool is that?

And that old goldendoodle is a ONE year cancer survivor. Still chasing tennis
balls a year after his diagnosis.
My high schooler had a big week - broke her thumb
playing soccer and started driver's ed!  Lord, help me!
Hopefully the cast will come off later this week, although
I am not counting on the removal of this impediment to
 improve her driving skills……Lord, help me.

So what would your iPhone say about you?


Love this.
It's the truth.
I want my girls to really know this.
So I must practice it myself.
In my living and breathing actions.

Today, I wanted to remind you of this.
But you probably already knew it.
Cause I have smart readers.

It's Monday.
Lot's of possibilities.


Exterior Paint Inspiration…...

First, I must say THANK YOU to those of you who contacted me
regarding e-design services this summer - I look forward to working with 
so many of you - including a long lost friend/former colleague who found me
via the internet!  Who says the internet is a bad thing?  
Seriously, it is an honor and privilege to work with 
each and every one of you making your homes beautiful 
and comfortable for you and your families!

I have ONE opening in each of July and August if you would
like to get in on the design action of 2014!  Just email me

Now…..on to one of my personal summer 'projects'……
We will be painting the exterior of our home - and when I 
say 'we' I mean the painter I have hired.  The only thing
'we' will be doing is choosing the colors that the 
hired painter will be painting.

These photos have served as my inspiration photos……
I am ready to go to the dark side…

What do you think? 

Below are the two colors I am considering…….

Do you know these 'colors'?
Want to take a guess?


Summer Design Board Sale!

Helping homeowners, both near and far, decorate their homes
 has been both a blessing and an absolute BLAST this past year.
I have to admit, it sometimes it still surprises me just
how busy you all have kept me. 

I am not taking on any new local client projects until September.
First and foremost I am a momma and my girls need
my taxi services this summer.  I am working on some
really fun projects in the Portland area and I will
look forward to seeing them completed then
shared here!

With the amount of local work I have had, I have not really
'promoted' my e-design services.  However, I would love
to work with some of you outside the Portland area
via e-design this summer!

I have found that e-design works best when clients communicate
their needs and wants clearly and in a detailed manner.  The more 
information I have, the better!  As a client, in addition to expressing
your likes/dislikes, wants and needs, you will share lots of photos
of your space, your Pinterest boards and your hopes and dreams….
{just kidding on that last one, it's decorating after all!}.

After you provide all the above information, I get to work on 
a design board which I send to you. Then you give me feedback
and I tweak as needed until it meets your needs and is 
ultimately, a room you can't wait to get working to 
complete in your home!

When the design board is complete, I provide you a 
complete source list for all the items so you 
know where to go and buy everything!

I am going to take on FOUR e-design clients for July
and FOUR e-design clients for August.

I would LOVE to work with YOU!
Wouldn't it be great to get a design finalized over 
the summer and ready to complete when the kids
return to school in September?

And just because, I decided to discount my e-design fee!

A completed space {one room} will cost $200.

I require a 50% deposit down to reserve your spot and
the balance paid when I submit the first version of 
the design board to you {all via Paypal}.

And, as an added bonus…….{queue the drumroll},
I am adding an option of asking a single design question -
whether it be regarding paint color, pillow combos, 
furniture recommendation, etc……
for $20. I have found many clients don't
need a complete room design but are struggling with a 
certain element and just want some old fashioned advice.

If you would like to reserve a spot, ask a question etc….
please email me at!

I look forward to working with you this summer!!!


Painted trim…..recent client projects.

I am working with two local clients on home office projects - 
in both spaces i have recommended painted trim {not white}.
I love brave clients {if painting trim can be considered brave, which I DO},
I love clients who trust my vision……I am considering
making a 'trust contract' for ALL clients {just kidding!} -
but it really yields the best results, whether you are 
working with me or any other designer/decorator.

I can't wait to share these projects with you - 

The photo above is an inspiration photo I am using 
for one of the projects…..


In other news… high school freshman finished her finals
today - I officially the mother of a high school sophomore {sniff, sniff}.
My little has one more week of school……

Life is busy.
Life goes too fast.
I love the teen years.
I love 12 year olds.
I want to freeze time.
If you need me this summer, I will be in my car.

My girls are going to be busy:

driver's ed {less car time for momma}
camp counselors
drama camp
costume design camp
volleyball camp
community service hours
math tutoring
soccer tourneys

Ready or not, here it comes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Our home….the spring version.

The one constant in our home is change…..

It's both a blessing and curse to be a creative who loves
design and has never met a home accessory she didn't like…..

I admit I am fickle….lamps, trays, vases, busts, lanterns,
pillows, ginger jars, art, antlers, mirrors……all
seem to rotate around here on a regular basis…..

I obviously have posted too many photos of our home on this blog….
but if you are a regular around here, you will notice some

I snapped these photos just today…..look closely and you will
see shoes, a raggedy dog toy {and lazy goldendoodle} a stray 
camera lens cover in a home styled for REAL life.

Remember, I have older children so our main living areas
stay pretty neat - we have a 'bonus room' upstairs where
my girls really relax and watch television.  {Someday I will
show you photos of that space - it's a space I intend to work on 
over the summer/fall}.

I picked up that fern at the grocery store for $4.99 yesterday…..I always remind
clients that some of the best home accessories are at your grocery store - and 
you can pick up really cheap and unique vases and vessels
at thrift stores and flea markets.  If you keep some on hand, it's easy
to plop a grocery store fern or orchid and add to your console or
coffee table - instant 'specialness'.

I bought my Restoration Hardware 'Madeleine' chairs many 
years ago….they are on sale for a great value so I ordered
an armed version for the end of my dining table….however,
RH no longer makes the same finish as my original chairs…..
I am ok with the contrast because I am happy to have that
extra seat at the end of the table. 

If I titled the photo above, it might be called "Too much is never Enough".

My high schooler has finals this week.
Yesterday I forgot my 6th grader had early pick-up at 
school….she had to call me from the school office and
ask if I was coming - major MOM FAIL!  I guess we
are all ready for summer……

And a California update….thanks for all the shopping suggestions!
We ended up visiting Venice, Santa Monica and Malibu -
all fun but phew, I could NOT drive in that traffic everyday!
Bountiful, the one store I really wanted to shop, was 
closed for some reason! Darn!  

It's Tuesday….in JUNE…..let's get this summer party started!

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