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Living Room/Office *Before and After…..

I am well aware that many of you will prefer this first
photo of my office when it was a living room….
and I am ok with that.  We loved this room.
That sofa was really the star of the show.  The slipcover
fabric was originally supposed to be drapes in a different
house.  When I still had the bolt of fabric and was tired
of the dark sofa, I had a custom slipcover made and voila! 
A star was born!

 As a designer, I am a HUGE advocate
of your home functioning exactly how you need it to function.
For us, that meant momma needed an office, not so much
a pretty sitting room.

I think these photos also illustrate the shift in my design tastes.
I will never tire of using vintage items but I am finding that
I really love mixing more modern elements in with the vintage…
I am loving a more bohemian vibe and I think
my office speaks to that.

I will do a sources post next week and talk about the budget 
for making this significant change!



So many thoughts swirling in this head of mine….but I'll
start by saying this:
I blog today for the same reason I started blogging almost
eight years ago….because I like to write, I LOVE design
and more than anything, I love the connections to 
all of you…..I have always been slightly uncomfortable
sharing my home because I never want to make others 
feel less than and I couldn't handle any unkind words.  
My hope is and has always been to inspire and show my 
personal style, how I use mass market stuff, stuff I have
had hiding in the closet, lots of vintage stuff and 
my quirky collections and personal items that
are only meaningful to our family but make our home ours.

With that being said, I present to you my newly
created office space.  

During the last year, it became very apparent that as my design 
business grew, I had to graduate from working at the dining
room table to a real office space like a big girl designer.

Our formal living room was pretty and we did use it - mostly
for studying and reading and taking phone calls.  My
family did enjoy the space so convincing them to 
turn it into my office required some negotiation.
I promised to keep the comfy chairs and make the space
still accessible to all…..and because the space was just
off our home's entry, it had to remain pretty and more
of a 'flex space' than just an office.

Being a creative kind of girl, it was important
that this space inspire that creativity and be a space
that I wanted to be in…..So I loaded the shelves
with my quirky collections and design books, 
insist on flowers on my desk at all times, have many 
candle options to burn while I work and 
for my birthday my family gave me a Bose Soundlink
speaker to stream music through. 
* Remember this all - no matter what your space looks like,
flowers, candles and music make it 500% better!

I found I totally fell for some of the quintesential blogger home
necessities; a moroccan pouf, a white garden stool, jute rug, 
cowhide rug and fiddle leaf fig…..gah! I guess I pave my 
own way with my cane collection {I can't even explain}, 
cat-eyed glasses collection {I got nothing???}, vintage art
and mixed lighting styles.  

And while I am really feeling a shift in my own
personal style to a more edited, modern vibe, I hung the
long 'FLEA MARKET' sign prominently above the shelves. 
 I really credit my work and relationship with Ki Nassauer, former
editor of Flea Market Style magazine with giving me
the confidence and inspiration to start my own business.
So the sign is a nod to that.

I really LOVE being in this space!
I know how fortunate I am to have a business
that allows me to be my own lady-boss, to set
my own schedule, to be creative and work
with awesome people who trust me to
help them love their own homes.
I think this space reflects that.

I promise I will do a separate post later this week with
all the sources for the space.  I really do miss blogging.
My work with local design clients and a busy personal
life have just left little time to create content.  You
can find me each day on Instagram though!

Happy Tuesday to you all! 


Gorgeous rugs for Nepal Earthquake Relief

One of my favorite sources for gorgeous rugs in Portland is
Kush Rugs {205 NW 10th Avenue}.

As you know, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal just
a couple weeks ago.  The loss of life has been staggering.

Kush Rugs made a donation to Oxfam immediately 
after the earthquake but is looking to do something
even more, even bigger.  During the month of May,
Kush will be donating a portion of sales to
the Phoenix Fund for Nepal Relief.

You may or may not know, that Nepal produces
some gorgeous handmade rugs.

So local peeps - if you are considering investing in a gorgeous rug
for a space in your home, please consider visiting Kush Rugs in
the Pearl District!  Your purchase will go a long way towards 
helping the people of Nepal.  

Thanks to Kush Rugs for their generous and thoughtful hearts!

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