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Gallery Walls......*the more is better version.

Recently, I have been asked about the {ever growing} gallery
walls in my own home so I thought I would show
you my FEARLESS walls and what they look
like currently {as of an hour ago}.

Everything on these walls is meaningful to our family.  My 
children are 15 and 11 years old so the photos of them
go back that long - some of the prints pre-date my
children and were collected long ago - the tulip print
in the foreground came from an art museum where I
worked when I was 28 years young.  Many of
the items were found at flea markets all over the 
country and could tell stories about where I lived
at the time and who was with me when I purchased it.
Other pieces are from Anthropologie, Ballard Designs
and local boutiques too.

Patience pays when creating gallery walls - I always tell clients
to include meaningful things to them, photos, art, objects, mixed frames
 - there are no rules, and if you think there are, break them!  
I doubt the gallery wall police
will be showing up at your door!

I know this look isn't for everyone but it suits us
and brings me tremendous happiness to look at
all those pretty memories.....


My home.......{the day I went all trendy}

While visiting a new antiques mall in Portland recently, I spied
a great antler mount for a really decent price.  I scooped them
up before I could really think what I wanted to do with them.

Seems antler mounts are all the rage these days - but for
me, it seemed the perfect winter accessory for above my fireplace.
{my family may, or may not, have other opinions}

I can't wait to dress it up with a wreath for Christmas - or maybe 
some pom pom garland!  I added a vintage frame for effect!

{don't even get me started on my granite tile surround - it's going
to be changed - SOON!}

So what do you think?  Taxidermy in design, a trend or here to stay?

I'm not even kiddding....

Confession time:

We have lived in our current home for THREE years and I have
painted our front door THREE different colors.....
I totally have better things to do with my time, but it
is a simple project and the just 'right' color to go with
our SW 'Sea Salt' house has been elusive.

Last week, I trusted my gut, went to my comfort zone - that 
'works for me' place that a woman with my 'experience' {ahem}
knows she should have done in the first frickin' place!

I decided to get all fancy and demonstrate my theory and reasoning with photos.

You see, if my house were an outfit {with it's previous red door}, it would look
like this cute red head on the left.  It's a perfectly fine outfit but one you 
would just never catch me wearing, too much going on
 - especially the red pants....It's, umm, a bit
too flashy for moi!

I am more of a classic white shirt and jeans kind of gal - so I went with
that look for my newly painted front door {and only WISH I was that skinny}!  

I look forward to letting the paint cure another 
week so I can put a wreath on the door {I was just
too impatient and wanted to announce to the world my crazy ADD when 
it comes to front door colors}.  

In all seriousness - I LOVE accessories, when
it comes to dressing myself and dressing my home - the neutral door color 
allows for more flexibility when it come to accessorizing my front porch.

If I could I would....

If I could I would....
Emerald green has come back into design favor.....
Recently, when looking for a sofa for a design client I came
across the sofa pictured above at Crate & Barrel - isn't she lovely?

So I whipped up a little design board  featuring the sofa
along with some companion a room that is 
so unlike the spaces I live in and have designed lately,
but nonetheless.....a girl can dream, right?


Found and loved this week on Pinterest!


Interior Design.....the possibilities are endless!

I am feeling blessed these days.....client work has been keeping me so 
busy and so INSPIRED!  

For a design junkie like me, being able to help clients
choose furnishings and accessories for their homes that
represent different styles is just a blast!  

These are just two design boards I have worked on lately 
for local Portland clients.  Could the styles not be more different?

If you are interested in allowing me to help you with 
design your space, please email me at
I am accepting new e-clients for November!


More on gallery walls.....

You all go crazy for a good gallery wall, true story.

I posted the photo above on my Instagram feed last week
and I got so many comments and 'likes', I thought
it should get a starring role on the blog today.

The wall above is actually in a client's home - the family
of six have lived in the home for almost 10 years and 
collected lots of family photos but had not been 
brave enough to hang them going up their stairs.
Along came me and my gallery wall whispering skills
and the rest is gallery wall history.

My own home's gallery wall post is still one of my most
popular blog posts - you can see it HERE.

And my home's gallery wall was even featured
on! {see below!}

I have tried many methods for getting a gallery wall 
'just right' but mostly I just sort of layout the pictures/art/objects
on the floor and start hanging.  Sometimes the end product
is executed accordingly to the original plan and 
sometimes what ends up on the wall looks nothing
like what I laid out on the floor.  It's
hard to explain how to hang your art and photos
both symmetrical but also asymmetrical all at the 
same time - make sense?  Striking a balance is key.

Happy crazy Monday!


An outtake.....aka, how bloggers get the shot!

I cracked up when I saw this shot included in all the photos
I took for yesterday's post.  

I often think about what a fool
I must look like in my house during my faux photo shoots!
If my dogs could only talk!  

This photo is just a small glimpse into my klutziness!

A room update for my high school girl....

Gone are the days where I get to choose every design element
for my girls' rooms.  How I would LOVE for them to give me free-reign, however, 
 I also strongly believe that their rooms should be a 
reflection of them and be a place that they have a hand in creating!  

My oldest is a freshman in high school this year - hard to even
type that - but 'tis true.  She is a good student and in past years
did her homework in the kitchen after school.  But this year, 
she really wanted a dedicated homework space in her
room - with after school sports and activities she
was finding that she liked to do her homework in 
her cozy room - normal teenager for sure!

In order to make this happen, I headed to Ikea, my favorite source
for great teen/tween bedroom furniture!  There are just so many
creative ways to use Ikea pieces.  Our needs for this space were simple -
storage, desk/computer space and display space. 

We ended up getting this desk, these shelves and this cute
storage cart {we already had the chair}.  And yes,
that's a printer on the floor under the desk - cords and all!
Just keepin' it real!

My girl loves it  and that's most important.


** Thanks for all the nice comments on my planked
walls - there were many questions on how I did it and 
what materials I used, I promise I will do a post
that answers all your most asked questions!


Planked-hallway wall update.....

Our home is about 10 years old - relatively new, and while custom built
with some nice features {lots of crown molding}, it lacks
some of that old house character that I love.  Our master bedroom
is on the first floor - which I love but is entered through a hallway
that has SIX doors in it - {laundry room,
first floor full bath, office, coat closet and garage}!  
This hallway is just all doors, doors, doors
with NO architecture!  I tried THIS to give it some interest 
but really never loved it - I knew I wanted to plank the walls 
but also knew I lacked the needed DIY skills.  

that's our master down there!

Thankfully, I have a pretty handy dad who often visits.  On a recent
visit I asked him to bring some tools and teach me the ropes.
I am happy to report that the project is 99.9% complete.  

Yours truly did ALL of the work!

My dad taught me how to use his chop saw and 
nail gun.  It was so fun!  But I won't lie, the process took
me way longer than a pro and for an impatient gal
like me, it was torture to live in the mess while I waited
for the time to complete the project.  Because, dinner still
has to be made, carpool needs to be driven, groceries purchased.
laundry washed, work understand.

I am thrilled with how it turned out!  The horizontal
'ship lap' planks add a subtle texture
and interest to the otherwise b-o-r-i-n-g hall.

I have other plans for this space too - replacing the door hardware
with oil-rubbed bronze pulls and hinges and replacing the 
pot lights with three flush mount lantern style fixtures.

can you see the .5% unfinished part of this project?

The photo below was my inspiration!


I am pretty proud of myself and happy that
slowly but surely I am adding some much
needed character to our home.....


Can you imagine the possibilities?

This has sort of been my mantra lately and it seems to be
working.... I am not ashamed to admit I am 46 years young
and have recently embarked on a new career - the 
'thing' I was always meant to do but never brave enough
to take the leap.....Age helps us get over that.  Tonight
I am grateful to trusting clients who deal with my learning
curves and crazy ideas, to my kids and husband and friends who
have been my cheering section.....September ROCKED.....
my first design project will be PUBLISHED, I styled a photo shoot
 and I welcomed many new clients.....

This blog has been neglected as I tend to real life
clients and tend to my most important job - mom and wife.
I intend to change that - more sharing, of my heart and my life
and projects....thank you for your patience.....

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