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Gallery Walls….when do you take it to the floor?


Gallery walls……we seem to not be able to get enough of them
lately - images dominate Pinterest and I find myself helping
more and more clients achieve a balanced gallery wall
in their homes.  

via Pinterest

Between collecting vintage art and our personal family
photos, I have multiple gallery walls in my home.  

Last week, I posted the photo below{on Instagram} of my angled gallery
wall in home and got so many compliments!

   I have tried many things on this wall - a chest, a console
table and a bench.  Because there is a shorter wall that overlaps this space and 
leads to our crazy 6-door hallway, it is difficult to place anything
deep in the space.  So I began hanging some favorite pieces  -
and have taken the risk to hang frames almost all the way to the floor.

This arrangement doesn't work everywhere but given how you view this
wall when you are in the room and the difficulty of placing a piece of furniture
I am really happy with how it looks here!

So what do you think? 

 Would you hang a grouping of pictures to the floor
in your own home?

On newsstands now!

I did find the spring issue of Flea Market Style at Barnes & Noble yesterday.
{and my mom confirmed it is also available in the Bend, Oregon B&N}
I am incredibly proud and humbled to see my design
and styling work featured. 

If you have seen it, I would love to hear what you think. For real.

This journey, of pursuing my passion is one I will never
regret…..I still pinch myself each day that I get to
work with clients who trust me and believe in my vision
{and tolerate my 'still-learning how to be a real designer' fumbles}
that I get to work in a creative field AND be a mom {not that
I am saying it's always easy}, that I am learning, growing, stretching…..
that I am doing what makes me 'come alive'…

Ok, this is the last you will hear me "toot my own horn" - I
sometimes get annoyed at bloggers who blather on and on about
all their career conquests and I would hate to do that…..
My intention is to use my story to inspire….to encourage.

'Cause, sometimes we could all use a little of that, no
matter where we are in our own journey.


A Familiar {and Fun!} Client

Michele's Master

One of the things I really love most about my 'job' is getting know
my clients.  Designing home spaces is really personal and I never
take it lightly or for granted when clients trust me to come in their
homes, share their frustrations and desires and allow me
to advise them on how to achieve a space that suits their family.

Working with clients via e-design makes this personal relationship harder,
but often easier!  I sometimes think people allow themselves
to be more open in an email than they would otherwise
be in person.  

Recently, I was contacted by a potential client who is
friends with a friend of mine from Pennsylvania!  It has been
really fun working on Michele's master bedroom update!
The familiarity and trust was a treat!

Are you interested in working with me on a room or rooms
in your home?  Please email me at
I would love to help you!

Love in your home….

"Home is not a place…'s a feeling."

I hope your home is filled with feelings of love today!

Where you can find my work……published!

{no, my home didn't make the cover, but I think it should have!}

I believe I had mentioned here that I worked on a photo shoot last September…..

Well, the photo shoot actually took place at a home of a 
local client.  I was thrilled last year when I submitted this client's
home to Ki Nassauer, editor of Flea Market Style magazine for 
consideration to be published in the magazine and it was accepted!
And then I was even more thrilled when I was hired as the 
stylist for the photo shoot.  It was really a fabulous experience and more
than anything I am proud and honored to have my work published
for the world to see {it's 12 pages of goodness!}.  Even better, the house that you will
see in the magazine {which should be on newsstands next week} really
represents my style and how I think a home should feel  - collected,
comfortable and cozy!

And here's a little *hint* for you, THIS is the house that you will see lots more of! 
{my photo, not the mags}

The Flea Market Style blog is giving away a copy of the magazine to one
lucky winner - you can go HERE to enter!

My Olympic Connection….and you can follow along!

Are you going to watch the opening ceremonies tonight?
We will be glued to the TV with popcorn bowls on 
our laps - I love the pomp and circumstance, the crazy
outfits and the patriotism shown by athletes who have
dedicated their lives to experience THIS moment! 
I can't help but think about the proud moms and dads
in the stands who have also dedicated so much to watch
their child get to the Olympics in their chosen sport - 
it has to be amazing!

My cousin Courtney's sister-in-law Debbie McCormick is a 
four-time Olympian, representing the United States as a member
of the Women's Curling Team.  We have followed Debbie's 
career and will be looking for her tonight as she walks with the
U.S. delegation during the opening ceremonies!

And don't ask me if I understand curling, cause I don't.  I just
know it's a lot harder than it looks!

My cousin Courtney and her husband Donnie and their two young sons
are traveling to Sochi on Saturday so they can cheer on 'Aunt Debbie'
and the United States athletes.  In addition to asking for your prayers
for their safe travels, I wanted you all to know that they have
created a blog and will be sharing their experience in Sochi!
I have posted on my sidebar and you can find it HERE.

In addition to all the media coverage of the games, I 
thought it might be fun to share this personal account with
all of you!


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A room fit for a tween!

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of working with a pretty cute, sassy, Lego & Barbie playing,
volleyball spiking and giraffe loving client… very own tween daughter!

She and I enjoyed a rare weekend at home with just the two of us -
Moms, isn't it such a treat to spend one-on-one time with your children?
Really a gift.

I had promised we would work on some styling in her room -
we painted it over the summer and had added the fun rug
but that was about it.  The walls were basically bare except her
bulletin board {where momma allows her to pin whatever she wants!}.

We had begun to collect some prints that were meaningful to her.  On Saturday 
we headed to Ikea to get some frames and look for some Lego
storage options….on ONGOING issue for my girl!
{which is a problem I am not going to complain about - 
I love that my daughter who turns 12 next month still plays with Legos}.

I love that I have these photos to look at, because on most

And I have this to say about kids rooms……..
Enjoy the time when your children are small and you can decorate
their spaces however YOU like, but when they reach a certain age
help them create a space that has their own stamp on it even 
if is not what YOU would totally choose to do.  That's not to 
say there isn't a give and take.  For example, I really do not like
posters tacked on walls so I compromise by hanging a VERY
large bulletin board in my girls' rooms and allow them to tack up
anything they want on the bulletin board.  So when last year they couldn't
get enough of Justin Beiber and this year they love Louie from 
One Direction, the respective posters can be easily swamped out.

And that's all I have to say about that.


Target Cartwheel……$1000 Sweepstakes!

My love affair with Target goes way back.  I have always
been impressed with Target's well laid out, clean stores
and fabulous products.  You might even find
me at my local Target store multiple times
in one week….

The frequency of my Target visits hit record
highs when I lived in Minnesota.  Target's headquarters
are located in Minneapolis, thus, shopping at Target
was as common as lakes, hot dish, and snow in April!

I recently learned about a great new app called Cartwheel
by Target that is fun and easy to use and makes
savings on EVERYTHING you buy at Target
super easy.  

Now, admittedly, I am not a coupon clipping kind of
gal, however, I am always impressed when I catch
an episode of Extreme Couponing and some thrifty
gal buys lifetime supplies of grocery products and the store
gives HER money back!

When I have clipped coupons in the past, I inevitably
leave them at home or they end up living at the 
bottom of my purse until the coupon has expired.

With Cartwheel by Target you select the savings you want
from over 700 offers {coupons} in your Cartwheel App on your phone.
And even better -if you are a coupon clipping, maximum savings seeker, you can
coupon and discount stack.  This means that you are able to 
add additional savings with other Target discounts or coupons,
manufacturers' coupons or even your Target REDcard discount.

How does it work?

You download the Cartwheel app to your iPhone or Droid.


Login using your Facebook login.  Using your Facebook login
allows you to what offers your friends have on their Cartwheel
lists.  However, if you don't want your Cartwheel activity
to post on your Facebook page, you manage your preferences
in the app's privacy settings.  You can also add any offer to 
your list as 'private'.


After your account is set-up and ready to go you can 
browse various categories and select the products/offers
that you will be shopping for on your next 
Target visit……or if you are like me,
you discover offers/products that are just 
too good to not include on your shopping list!
When you first begin using Cartwheel you
are allowed 10 offer spots {coupons}.  You 
earn "badges" by reaching savings milestones
or interacting with Cartwheel.  The more "badges"
earned equals more offer spots earned.


Offers for savings are plentiful - just this weekend
my 11 year old daughter panicked on Sunday when
she realized she needed to bring a new pair of 
socks to school on Monday for a service project 
her Catholic school was doing.  Knowing I needed
to go to Target for some other items, I simply pulled
up my Cartwheel app on my phone and searched
"socks" and found that there was an offer for 15% off
all Xhilaration brand socks and tights.  I added that
offer to my Cartwheel and when I checked out I
simply pulled up the barcode on my phone that included
ALL my offers for many of the items I was 
purchasing and the cashier scanned it from my phone
and the savings were deducted from my total.
In addition to the savings on the socks, I saved 10% off 
Yoplait Greek yogurt, 10% off Up & Up sandwich bags,
5% off Kraft shredded cheese and 10% off a 
DiGiorno frozen pizza {just because I didn't feel like cooking}.
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Yes, you read that right!
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