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I am beyond frustrated with Blogger - just lost a long post
I had been working on......gaahhhhhh!!  So, will just
announce the winner of the Creatively Made Home giveaway and 
walk away from the computer......

The winner is:

Jen Kershner!  Congrats!!!!
{I had only 10 entrants and asked my
daughter to pick a number from 1-10 and she picked
10 - so you can thank my Emma!}

Ok....I will be back soon with my post -
when I completely reload pics and compose.....


Creatively Made Home {giveaway!}....

Sarah, Jeanne, Kim, Tracey, Jen

As you know, creating a home that is comfortable, pretty,
personal and welcoming is my passion.  I share that passion
with many talented blogging friends, five of whom are pictured above.

The creative and gracious Jeanne Oliver has brought this group of ladies together to
teach a online course called Creatively Made Home. Please click
on the link to learn more about the class.....

I am excited to give away ONE course to a lucky
Forever*Cottage reader!

Because fall always has my head swimming with ideas for
how I would like to re-decorate, re-organize, cook a new meal,
begin a new routine/habit, I would like you to tell me (in the comments)
what it is that you are dreaming about for your
your home this fall.  I will pick the winner 
on Wednesday, August 29 by noon PST.

Good luck!


Rest, recovery....and winners!

Thanks for being patient with me.....I promised to announce
the Junk Bonanza prize winner yesterday, but true to form,
I am late....again.

I had oral surgery {over sharing?} last Thursday
and the recovery has been rather uncomfortable.  Our
family headed to central Oregon for the weekend so momma
could take it easy and do a whole lot of nothing at my parents house.

We are back and I am feeling better!

I took these Instagram photos over the weekend - I don't
remember if my oral surgeon prescribed wine but it seemed
to help my recovery!

So without further adieu  - the winner of the Junk Bonanza giveaway is:

I will be contacting you vickiatthelake to arrange for you
to get your prizes!  Congratulations!


Junk Bonanaza Giveaway!

My favorite midwest flea market is back this year in Shakopee, Minnesota
on September 13, 14 and 15.  As their tagline says, Junk Bonanza
is the "Best Junk Round-Up in the Nation"!  My friend
Ki Nassauer gathers a fabulous group of vendors who save junk
all year and bring their best to this show!

I am giving away a Junk Bonanza tote bag filled with the 
latest issue of Flea Market Style magazine {which is NOT
in stores yet} and TWO VIP tickets to the 2012 Junk Bonanza!

In order to enter:

* Leave a comment on this post by Monday, August 20 at noon PST,
I am keeping it THAT simple.  I will announce a winner on Monday afternoon.

With temps in the 90's - unusual for us in the Pacific Northwest, our
family is heading to central Oregon to hang out at my parent's home -
they have a swimming pool in their neighborhood!
Hope you have an awesome weekend!


Teen Room

Teen rooms can be tricky and often in my house, not 'photo ready', if
you get what I mean.  As much as I would love to be given
full reign over decorating my girls' rooms, I would never expect it.
I really believe spaces should be an expression of the 
people/person who lives there, so thus, my girl's bedrooms
are each uniquely 'them'.  

We did a little tweaking in my almost 14 year olds room this summer and in
a rare moment, I found it clean so I snapped a few photos!  

The biggest change we made was removing the vintage iron bed {which momma liked,
teen not so much} and changing the bedding.  

I inherited the white slipcovered headboard from a friend who was re-doing her 
daughter's room.  The grey {gray?} polka dot duvet and pillow cases are
from Ikea, the body pillow cover from PB Teen and the quilted grey/yellow/purple
shams are from Target!  The Dream BIG pillow is from PB Teen.

The gallery wall is a mix of vintage E's found on momma's flea-tiquing 
adventures.  The prints were purchased on Etsy  and I hope speak to 
my girl, particularly during these difficult teen years.

Momma loves herself a gallery wall!

I used locker baskets on her bookshelves to corral her collections -
cause like her momma, this girl is a collector!  

And no teen room is complete without oodles of perfume in the strongest
scents possible - these days sprayed liberally throughout the 
room so as the room smells like their favorite clothing stores.........
The bottle may say "sweet and flirty" but seems anything but
when you walk up our stairs and the scent hits you before you even get
to her room!

Both my girls have extra large cork boards in their rooms.  I allow
them to put whatever they want on the board - cause I am
mean like that, but mostly because I do not want posters 
all over the walls.

Obviously, my teen likes soccer and the boy band One Direction {and her classmates}.

Here is my teen girl.......doing what she seems to do best.....

And she just might kill me for including this photo, but hey, if you are going to do
it, I am going to post it honey.

Given the chance would I have decorated this room differently?
Probably, but that's not the point.  This room is perfect for her.


Put a ring on it.....

I began collecting vintage silver or pewter napkin
rings a few years ago.  My collection is a mismatched
bunch which I love to use when I entertain.

Each ring is unique - I especially love rings with
monograms.  I don't think I have paid more than a couple
dollars for any one ring......

Vintage napkins rings - a simple collectible that helps
set a special table!  


Unexpected {gifts} blessings.....

Receiving and giving gifts is one of life's greatest blessings......

Finding the perfect gift for someone is a joy....
and sometimes an elusive occurrence, but when it happens
it is a happy-dance moment. I love watching someone
I love open a gift that is uniquely perfect for them. Nothing
says "I get you" more than that!

Being the recipient of thoughtful gifts recently, makes me 
want to be a better gift-giver......

Recently, I received two very thoughtful and PERFECT gifts
for me.  The first gift was received in the mail {isn't that the best?}
from a blogger who has become a friend, Mary THE
Urban Farmgirl. Mary is an extraordinary seller of vintage, a talented
photographer, a house 'flipper', a dreamer, a traveler, 
a kind and thoughtful friend to many
and a lover of country music {like me!}.  Mary learned of my
Swedish heritage after I purchased a sign from her last year.  
She recently came across this vintage Bible written in Swedish 
and thought of me!  Not many would find a vintage Swedish Bible
particularly special, but thinking I would, Mary gifted
me this wonderful treasure.

The second gift was from a Portland friend who was 
lucky enough to travel to France this summer to celebrate
her 40th birthday.  She knows I have a special group of girlfriends -
and we refer to ourselves as the "Radishes" - I know, completely
weird, but there is a story - a long story that I don't need to go
into right now......but this French traveling friend, although not 
fortunate enough to be a "Radish" but knowing how important those 
friends are to me{ha!}........found this small plant stake 
at a store in France and knew I would love it.  And I do! I love it,
because it says "radish" in French,  but I love it even more
because it's a reminder that I have 
a thoughtful friend who knows me well. 

I was meeting my friend for dinner the evening she
gave this to me and I think she said something
along the lines of...."I have something silly, small
to give you from my trip....".....

This gift may be small {in size} but it proves that
small, thoughtful and meaningful beats big, flashy,
and shiny any day!


What they say is's REALLY the thought that counts!

Have you been blessed with any thoughtful gifts lately? Do tell....



Looking through photos, I came across this image that
Heather Bullard shot in my Minnesota home {for Flea Market Style
magazine} about two years ago.
I love my collection of old clocks.....and Heather captured
them so beautifully.  Although, this image reminds me
 of how quickly time is passing.

This summer has been particularly busy.
I find myself craving a slower pace, with time
to nest and just 'be'......

Is it just me?  Or are you feeling the same?

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