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Mixing Patterns....

Isn't Pintrest genius?

It's like opening a new magazine every day.

One of the "boards" I created on Pintrest is labeled "Mixing Patterns".

I really believe mixing patterns in interior design is one of the most difficult things 
to get right.  'Cause when it's right, it's right but when it's wrong......well let's just say
it's very wrong. 

I struggle with patterns in my own home.  I am a fickle girl and often tire of them
quickly.  BUT, I have begun to work on my living room {aka momma's fun room} and
am hoping to mix patterns and layers.

All images courtesy of Pintrest!
10.19.2011 fun!

When I first started blogging I considered myself a decent photographer.
My 10 year old DSLR Nikon had served me well, taking beautiful
photos of my babies and family.

As I found my way around the blog world, however, I quickly learned that I had
alot to learn.  I wasn't "all that" when it came to photography.

Shamefully, I compared my photos to the beautiful images I found on 
other blogs and always felt less than.

This summer I invested in a new Canon DSLR camera {yep, I switched
from Nikon to Canon}.  I have had fun taking photos, experimenting
with my settings and working on taking better photos.

I love taking tight shots....especially of vignettes and details around my home.
'Cause I really believe a beautiful and personal home comes down to details....
your favorite collections, momentos, photos and food that defines
YOU and your family and, most importantly, differentiates your home from that
of your neighbors and friend.

Some of the details that define our family home, are beachy objects - coral, sea fans, shells, and driftwood collected at the Pacific, vintage clocks, garden urns, vintage silver, fresh food and YES, even vintage cat-eyed glasses {as pictured above!}.

So what are the personal details that make your home your own?

On finding just the right thing you were not looking for.....

Last week I had the opportunity to go out antiquing with some girlfriends in Portland.
You would think being a SAHM would allow me lots of time to spend the better part of my
day perusing antique malls but I still regard those kind of days as a stolen luxury! And
darn! No one showed up to do the laundry while I was gone!

I have shown lots of completed spaces in our new Portland home but let me tell you, I have
many unfinished spaces or spaces that await just the right piece of furniture.

One of the biggest challenges of moving is fitting your favorite pieces of furniture
in your new home - sometimes things just don't have a place in your new
digs.  My living room has become the land of misfit furniture, looking more like a storage
unit than a well styled usable living room. So, on my luxurious day out, I was hoping to 
score some end tables for the living room.

If I have learned anything over the years of hunting for antiques it's that the best pieces show up when you are not looking for them.  Case in point - this sweet little oak cabinet I scored for our entry.

My entry is fairly small with doors on each side {one leading to the land of misfit furniture living
room and the other to the office}.  Space for a console table or bench is limited.

While the cabinet is oak, it actually looks like old pine.....swoon!

And in the interest of full disclosure, the pretty glass knobs did not come on the piece, those
were added by me, courtesy of Target!  Just a tip - I love the Target glass knobs, and for
$14.99 for 4, you can't beat the price!

So there you have it - gorgeous pine oak narrow entry piece and a sneak
peek of the land of misfit furniture living room - see that damask slipcovered sofa?
It's giving me decorating fits! More on that to come......

i did it right this time.....

Feeling a bit of deja vu?????

Remember I already did a photo collage wall going up the HUGE staircase
in our new home?

Well, I never REALLY loved it - for the most part it was ok but I completely
just winged it and the result was pictures that were hung to high.

It bugged me ALL summer.

This week, after getting a couple new photos that I wanted to include, I started to 
'tweak' the wall but quickly realized that I needed to start anew if I 
was to get it just right.

So I did something drastic!

I actually did it RIGHT {NOT politically speaking, wink-wink!} and 
 used craft paper to trace and cutout each item I wanted to hang.
I used painters tape to put them up on the wall which allowed me
to move them around easily.

I also labeled each paper square so I was able to get just the right mix
of photos and art pieces.

On a big wall like this, where you are viewing the wall from the first floor, it is very
important to hang the frames low on the wall - see how many of mine are almost on the stair trim?
Hanging them higher is, well, TOO HIGH!

On my chalkboard today.......

I saw this quote on Pintrest this week and knew immediately
that I needed to write it on the vintage chalkboard in my laundry room......
it's a good reminder for me as I tend to the mountains of laundry
each and every week!

I am headed up to Seattle for the weekend to watch my kooky 13 year old soccer star defend
her team's net.  This sweet friend is going to come to meet me on a soccer field
.....which reminds me how
awesome blogging can be!

I wish you all peace and happiness - and lots of Fall frivolity this weekend!


Nice roots, girl!    What a geek!

Last week I skipped soccer practice carpool, traded in my yoga pants for some "big girl" clothes and headed downtown Portland for the Design*Sponge book signing event at West Elm.  Like a good
blogger, I forgot my camera so the following two photos were shot with my trusty iPhone camera.

Design*Sponge was one of the first design blogs I stumbled upon, way back when.  It was thrilling to see Grace Bonney in person! {she is tiny!}  She graciously signed my book and then blew on the ink
so it would not smudge when I closed my book.....awwwwww!
The book ROCKS!  For reals.  Think Domino magazine.....yes!

Oh, and I had fun at West Elm!  Such great stuff!

Here is Grace Bonney, Design*Sponge blogger!

Happy Tuesday!

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