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I bow to all you faithful do-it-yourself-ers out there......

I am on day #2 of my simple planking project and have
nothing to show you ....... YET.

Whenever I try to DIY I discover a few things about myself...

* I am not patient

* I embrace imperfection

* I much prefer hiring professionals to execute my ideas

* I am extremely uncomfortable with
creating messes in my house {can you say OCD?}

I hope to return next week with fab "after photos"......


Today.....around my home

"There's nothing like staying home for real comfort."
~Jane Austen

Wishing you a lovely day.


Dewit Design Camp!

I have been a mom for just a month over fourteen years. That's a long time.

I have been blessed, that since the day I became a mom {on September 1, 1998 - almost 4 weeks sooner than I expected}, I have not worked in a paying 'job'.  Oh, yes, we all remember that flirtation I had last year when I returned to the work I had done before I had my children - for exactly FOUR months……let's not count that, k?

However, as the mom of two daughters, I often feel a tinge of guilt that I am not an example of 'working woman' for my girls.  As much as I tell them about my successful career before they were born, when I had "lunch meetings" and expense accounts and wore pantyhose and business suits, I am SO not that same woman.  And how do I expect them to see me like that when I can no longer even imagine that girl myself?  

Don't get me wrong, I would not have had it any other way - - and all that is to come!  So what do I do last Thursday to really show them what their momma is all about.....I head to CAMP, my kind of camp....

Since my girls have been in school full-time I have longed to define the next chapter of my life.  And like so many moms, I instead over-committed to PTA, room mom duties, chairing the school auction and numerous other volunteer commitments that while important, were essentially temporary assignments.  I guessed if I was busy, I didn't really have time to plan the next chapter of MY life.  Can you say "queen of procrastination"?

We have been in settled in Portland for a year, and my big girl will start high school next year.  I have a passion - I have dabbled in my passion, I have been told to pursue my passion, I have even been told I am "talented", a "natural" but yet I have wavered, I have been wrought with self-doubt and a lack of confidence.  So yucky, but so true……But all that changed last week…..

I attended AB Chao's Design Camp and when we were asked to introduce ourselves and tell the group what we did, I said confidently, "I am Jill Hinson and I am an interior decorator and stylist". I owned what I do, what I aspire to do more of, what I have done - heck, I styled photo shoots for Flea Market Style magazine, had my own home published and have helped countless friends and neighbors decorate their homes!  Not many people know that about me, because……heck, I don't know!  Perhaps I think it feels like 'bragging' when I tell people those things.  I need to get over that.  It feels good to own it, cause I am huge believer that when you put it out there in the universe it shall be.  Profound, huh?

I am late to the AB Chao party - I just recently discovered her blog and after I read about two posts, I signed up for Design Camp.  I thought about it THAT long.  Take a look at her blog - our styles are miles apart - although when I grow up, my house will look like hers!  But her zest for life, for design, her sass, her story had me at 'hello'. 

I was so excited last Thursday morning, first, it was just fun to put on some nice clothes and head down to Portland's Pearl District for the day.  Then it was just inspiring to hang out with a group of creative women who are interested in design and creating beautiful spaces! The mimosa's served upon our arrival weren't too bad either!

AB was the same in person as she is on her blog, phew!  Cause, let me tell you, I have met some bloggers who are definitely NOT the same in person as who they portray themselves on the internet - super yucky.  It was a huge relief and a great start to the day when this important fact was established.

AB Chao

The Portland Dewit Design Camp was a "mini-camp" just one day as opposed to the other 2-day camps AB is doing.  The presentation was well organized and focused on basic design elements sprinkled with AB's humor and southern charm.  AB chose to focus the Design Camp on decorating for 'regular' people - those with real budgets and gave lots of tips, tricks and resources for sourcing affordable elements for beautiful spaces.

The camp was hosted by Ellinee, a Portland based stationary company, in their hip and beautiful studio space. Gorgeous, huh?

The space itself was inspiring, colorful and filled with great light.

The day passed quickly - much of the design concepts and principles she discussed were not new to me.  Don't get me wrong, the information was not wasted……I needed to know, to confirm, that my design instincts were pointing me in the right direction, even though I am a HUGE believer that there is really no 'right' direction in design…..I think the fact that I have no formal design training and have relied solely on my gut gave way to doubt creeping into my mind.  The day, for me, turned out to be one big YES, YES, YES, you know what the hell you are talking about!  As Oprah would say, "this was my ah-ha moment"! {que happy tears!}

The final hour of camp was spent talking about floral arrangements, the simple, unfussy kind that can be arranged with inexpensive grocery store flowers in Ball jars or old jelly jars.  We split up into groups and worked on our arrangements and then talked a bit about photography.  As you can see, the light in the studio space was fantastic.  My images have minimal editing.  

My favorite images from the day.....

For more info on Dewit Design Camp go to Ab Chao's blog - there may even be one coming up near you!  

"It is never to late to become who you were meant to be"



"Make your home as comfortable and attractive as possible and then get on with living.  There's more to life than decorating."
     ** Albert Hadley, as quoted in Elle Decor (1994)

I quite agree with Mr. Hadley but boy do I have a hard time
living his words....I like to collect, and tweak, fluff, add and subtract
in my home....never mind the constant new color trends that lure me, 
not to mention daily Pinterest inspiration!

Yesterday I immersed myself in design and had a blast!
I attended Anna Beth Chao's "Design Camp"in Portland. - especially for a design obsessed girl like me.
I felt as if I had found my tribe {in real life}.

I plan to tell you more next week, and share with you photos
from the day.  I feel like I have alot to digest.

The photo above was taken in the studio where
the camp was held - an uber-creative space full of great light.
How about that inspiration board?

Wishing you a fabulous, inspiration-filled weekend!

My new blog spot....

I spent the better part of last year decorating my sitting room -
you can see photos of the big reveal here.

 I chose not to show much of the bay window area
where I had placed a sort of 'blah' desk.

When designing this room I really wanted to adhere
to my belief that EVERY room in a home should be 
used regularly.  So I saw this room doing double duty -functioning as 
both a formal sitting room and the 
perfect office for yours truly!  

I love the front facing window, the loads of light
that the room benefits from, but the desk that I had originally painted a 
creamy white, not so much.  Plus, the creamy color sort of 
just faded away in the room.

Well here is my desk today - obviously she can no longer
be described as 'blah'.  I would say she is more 
'va va voom'! {SW Quite Coral}

It is certainly a departure from my neutral comfort zone.

For now, I love it.

What do you think?


Is it really Monday?

Tween Girl Bedroom

I guess it is.

I apologize {again, ugh!} for being absent from the blog.  Trust me, good things are coming......I am going to be redesigning the blog, focusing more on interior design.

After many, many years of helping friends style their homes for fun, I have taken the plunge and started an interior styling business.  I guess you can say I am following my bliss, my passion......finally!

Over the summer I had the pleasure of working with a few local clients.  I had a blast!  One client sold ALL the furniture in her space before she brought me on so I got to start with a complete "clean slate". I look forward to sharing projects once all the final touches have been completed.  

For now, I thought I would share an inspiration board I created for someone looking to create a more "big girl" space for her tween daughter.    I would love to hear what you think!


Flea Find....

My first week with the kids back in school ended on a high note...
a day that started with meeting some
girlfriends at the flea market and then
an afternoon spent getting my hair 'did'.

I found this sweet painting for $12 at the flea -
it was my only purchase.......
I can't wait to put it in a vintage frame and find
the perfect spot in my home for it to hang.

Is it just me, or does this FULL week really feel like
the first week of school.....

Happy Monday!


Project No. 1

Today is day 3 of the first week of school.  

As much as I wanted to send my little darlings
off to school and immediately begin tackling the many
house projects I have had whirling around in my
head all summer.......that has not happened - yet.

I spent the better part of the last two days socializing, catching
up with girlfriends which has been wonderful - and provided
some much needed 'me' time.

However, I am ready to go and share with all of you
the first home project I am going to tackle.

The photo above was taken a few months ago when I 
painted the backs of our built-in shelving {SW Urbane Bronze}.
I liked the look fine but I am over it - it really does not
'go' with the rest of the space.  I feel like the shelves could
use some texture, and debated using grasscloth wallpaper.
However, inspiration struck after seeing the multitude
of horizontal planked walls
on Pinterest these days.

via Pinterest
I am planning on DIY-ing this look on the back of my

via Pinterest

So what fall projects are you tackling that were inspired by Pinterest?
Do tell!


All good things must come to an end.....

Today is the day.....
I sent my girls back to school, 5th and 8th grade respectively.
This will be the last year my girls attend the same school until
they are both in high school - in 4 years, I can't even think about THAT.

This day always feels like a new beginning for me, a time to set the 'refresh' button,
catch up after a busy summer, make plans, see my girlfriends for coffee and lunch,
get back to a regular work-out schedule and enjoy some much needed 'me' time.

I know I am a girl who prefers a routine.
Call me boring, predictable, that's ok.
I know who I am and summer sometimes kicks my ass.

I am also a girl who needs time with myself, alone.
I crave time in my home, just me.
Let's just say that has been a rare occurrence over the 
last three months.

Don't get me wrong, I love these people, those fresh faces
pictured above. We had a GREAT summer.
 I love that my 8th grader still
looks {and acts} much younger than her 14 year old self.....and
I am slightly sad that her gap toothed smile will be
changed forever when her braces go on in December.

I love the nerves my little one had this morning.....she is 
not comfortable with change and 'new' things....she IS
a homebody and going to school for many hours a day is
not her favorite thing{wonder where she gets that from?}.

When we arrived at school, both girls jumped out of my car quickly and 
ran to friends and teachers, hardly looking back......
this momma thinking about all that lies ahead.
And here we go!

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