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Master Bedroom Makeover - New South Home

It always makes me feel vulnerable to put my own home out there for the world to see.
I charge others for my design services after all.  
It feels like I have to do lots of explaining about my nostalgia
for favorite items, my small budget due to other expenses like
school tuition and teenage girls (need I say more?) my eclectic, if not
quirky taste in my own home which I attribute to my profession......

I hardly fit in this new world of blogging where bloggers seem to just cycle around their
 homes re-doing rooms in some sort of order - "if it's spring, I must post a
mudroom re-fresh"......don't get me wrong, that's awesome for them, it's just not 
super realistic for us in this current 'season' of life.

I was recently contacted by a wonderful online provider of custom
drapery and pillows, New South Home, asking if I was
interested in trying their products.  I went to their easy to navigate
website and was overwhelmed with the amazing choices!

New South Home offers beautiful drapery, fabric and pillows for your home, 
like the best custom workroom quality!

New South Home's offer was just the 'kick in the pants' I needed to
pull off a much needed re-do of our very own master bedroom.

New South Home provided the gorgeous black linen custom drapes in my space! 
Yes, we have a bay window in our bedroom - they can be tricky.  I chose panels
to frame the entire expanse and installed them as high as possible.  
The bamboo shades are used for privacy.

I only do white bedding - it just works for me.  The pillows rotate....
because I am a crazy pillow lady.....Yes, I know the rug needs to be bigger 
because design 'rules' have told me so.  But until I find that gorgeous 
vintage Persian stunner, this one from my stash is doing okey-dokey 
as a placeholder.

My vintage French chandelier might seem out of place here 
but I love it and it is a nostalgic piece - originally purchased 
for our dining room in Minnesota, it stayed. I actually really
like the juxtaposition with the modern sconces.

I have a thing for dark colors in bedrooms - I like the cozy feel so the 
walls were painted Behr 'Alpine Trail' - this was a brave move because
all I could think about was the Ralph Lauren 'hunter greens' of the 90's and 
I just didn't want to go there...thankfully, there is nothing 90's
about 'Alpine Trail'.....

Yes, I did a juju hat over my bed.  I love the texture it provides.  The best
(and most affordable) juju hat source I have found is Oldworldshoppe on Etsy. 
If you purchase, please let Sonia know you found her via me!

The throw is from Anthropologie.  I have been known to work from my bed
mid-day and I am a bedmaker, so the throw is what I cover up with  - design clients, 
just keep that image in your mind when you think I am working from
some swanky office - ha!

The photo above is a partial view of the wall opposite the bed - it was 
challenging to photograph with our dark days - this was the best I could get.
I love my vintage European pine dresser that was a gift from my husband.
I have collected new art from many contemporary artists and mixed
in some favorite vintage pieces.  For us, a tv in the bedroom just works -
how else would I watch The Real Housewives??

I chose to style the bed more organic/informal.
  But if I wanted it to look more 'designed',
I would choose some of these great options from New South Home.

Is our bedroom a 'perfectly' coordinated designed space?  No.  That is not so
much for me in my home - this room feels like us, mementos and art from travel, 
a special chandelier from a previous home, a furniture gift (my love language
is European pine), crisp white bedding and bamboo shades - two design 
elements that are winners in my book.

As a designer, I know how special custom finishes are for a space - 
New South Home will bring that to your home, easy-peasy from the internet!
No snooty designer needed!  
Their fabrics and drapes and pillows all coordinate
and make choices easy for even the most indecisive person!
But if you need their help, they are super friendly and 
more than willing to help!

I will be back soon with some 'before' photos of this space.

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